Mshahara Shakira

  • Mimbaji wa mwimbaji
  • Kuzaliwa: 1977 Colombia
  • Kila mwaka: TSh 127,209,719,386.00
  • Kila mwezi: TSh 10,600,809,948.83
  • Kila wiki: TSh 2,446,340,757.42
  • Kila siku: TSh 489,268,151.48

Dailymail 2018: networth $300 million
Ofuxio 2017: earnings over $55 million per year
Cheatsheet Sept 2016: Shakira has enjoyed the benefits of earning multiple income streams over her career. For example, throughout her career she has earned around a dollar for every album sold, which alone adds up to more than $100 million in lifetime earnings. In addition to that she earns a lot of money performing concerts having signed a 10-year, $300 million deal with concert company Live Nation (NYSE:LYV) in 2008 (comes down to $30 million a year). However, even prior to that deal she earned well over $150 million from earlier tours. More recently, she has taken her talent to TV staring in The Voice, where she earned an estimated $12 million in 2013 on the show.
Forbes Jan. 1st 2008: $ 38 million.


Update: 2018-9