Uzazi na Kazi

Likizo ya Uzazi

Maternity leave is provided and regulated under the Employment and Labour Relation Act 2004.

Female workers are entitled to at least twelve weeks (84 days) of fully paid maternity leave or 100 consecutive days (in case of multiple births) within a leave cycle of 36 months A worker is entitled to 84 days paid maternity leave within a leave cycle if the newborn dies within a year of birth.

Pregnant worker must notify the employer and provide medical certificate 3 months prior to proceeding on Maternity leave. She may commence maternity leave four weeks prior to the expected date of confinement or earlier if a medical practitioner certifies that it is necessary for the worker or her child. Also, a worker is not allowed to work within 6 weeks of child's birth unless a medical practitioner certifies her to do so.

An employer is required to grant paid maternity leave to a worker four times during the  entire tenure of her service.

Source: §33 of Employment and Labour Relations Act 2004


The maternity leave is awarded with full pay. Maternity leave benefits are paid by the employer.

Source: §33 of Employment and Labour Relations Act 2004, §45(b) of the National Social Security Fund Act 1997

Huduma ya bure ya matibabu

In accordance with the law, a woman is entitled to prenatal confinement and post-natal medical care, if she has made at least thirty six monthly contributions of which twelve contributions are made in the thirty six months prior to date of confinement. Maternity benefits are provided upon the receipt by the Director General of a medical certificate from an authorized medical practitioner, certifying that the woman expects delivery of a child

Source: §44-45 of the National Social Security Fund Act 1997

Taratibu juu ya Uzazi na Kazi/Regulations on maternity and work

  • Sheria ya Ajira na Mahusiano Kazini Sehemu ya 6 ya 2004 / Employment and Labour Relations Act, No. 6 of 2004
  • Sheria ya Mfuko wa Hifandhi ya Taifa ya Jamii (NSSF) Mwaka, 1997 / National Social Security Fund Act, 1997