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  • 15th September 2019Tanzania PM Kassim Majaliwala recently announced a collaborative arrangement by the government to provide vocational training to more than 45000 youth to increase their employability. Additionally, he has reached out to banks to give graduates access to low-interest capital to enable them to start projects. Check jobs and pay!
  • 13th September 2019Tanzania gets a loan of $450 million by the World Bank to boost human capital, after the funds being frozen last year over government policies. These foreign loans and grants will help build East Africa’s third-largest economy. Boost your career.
  • 12th SeptemberFormer Nigerian football player and coach Emmanuel Amuneke has reported the Tanzania Football Federation to FIFA because they failed to pay his outstanding salary. Following the termination of his contract with the nation, he is currently owed 4 months’ salary by the Federation. Check Salaries Soccer players.