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Why should I undergo training or retraining?

There are a number of reasons that may prompt an employee to undergo training or retraining. Some of these include: the pressure of being laid off, the need to upgrade skills to match job demands, the desire to change career, the prospect of exploring new opportunities; and maybe to get promotion. An employee should consider training whenever faced with one of the above situations.

What is training or retraining?

Training or retraining in this case refers to the updating of one’s skills in relation to job requirement or one’s aspiration to explore a new career. Hence it is the act of adding to the stock of one’s knowledge and skills.

Is it worth it to invest in my own training or should I rely on my employer?

Your training is like an investment - you will get the profit of such investment. That being the case, you are advised to invest in your training and retraining as much as possible.

Can my employer pay for my training?

Yes. Most employers do arrange and pay for retraining programmes that are done by various agencies/organisations for their employers. If you have a training manager or an officer responsible for personnel at your workplace, approach him/her with your training needs. Try to match your training needs with your job requirement so that it always adds value to what you are currently doing.

Why should I train or retrain?

You may wish to train/retrain to upgrade your skills for your job requirements, or maybe to prepare yourself for a new career. If you feel that you are short of some skills that are required in your job, then go for this specific training. If you want to change career but you lack the required skills, do the same.

When is it appropriate for training?

There is no specific period which is suitable for such training. It mainly depends on your availability, resources and the availability of the required training programme by the preferred training provider. Hence one is not time bound – this is not conventional training where one has a schedule such as at colleges or universities.

What are the training institutions or organisations for job-related training in Tanzania?

In Tanzania there are number of the training institutions or providers for short to long term training dedicated to employees and even management level. The Association of Tanzania Employer (ATE) and Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA) are the largest institutions offering such training.

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