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Are students allowed to work in Tanzania and what are the limitations?

The Tanzanian labour law as stipulated in the Employment and Labour Relations Act 2004 is silent about students in the world of work. It explicitly prohibits the practice of child labour where the child under the age of 14 is prohibited to work. Those aged 14 and above can do light work which is not harmful to the child’s health and development; and does not prejudice the child’s attendance in school. It further provides a list of work which is regarded as hazardous for the child and hence prohibited.

Thus from this law, it is implied that students aged above 18 can engage in the world of work provided that such engagement does not conflict with their learning process. The best arrangement for students is flexible working hours, which unfortunately is not provided for in the current laws. This depends very much on the discretion of the employer.

Do organisations have job placements for students who have completed different levels of college and/or university?

Apart from internship programmes, job placements are open for all applicants and not specifically top graduates from colleges and universities. Placement of prospective job applicants in an organisation usually depends on the job requirements of the respective organisation.

What are the basic requirements for placement of graduates into employment?

Some organisations have developed their own criteria. However, the general practices is that the graduate will follow the normal application procedure provided that he/she possesses the skills that are required for a respective post.

Is there any arrangement where students at school can undertake industry attachment programmes?

Education structures in Tanzania make provision for students at the mid- to final level of their education to experience the world of work.

However, given ever-expanding university/college enrollment figures, which don’t match industry growth, this has led to some students missing the chance to fully experience industry attachment.

When the chance is available the student is placed in an appropriate department and given normal duties, working under a supervisor in that department. At the end of the internship the student is expected to write a report which is supposed to be signed by the supervisor at the workplace and the institution of learning.

Are there institutions that facilitate graduate employment in Tanzania?

So far there is no separate institution catering for graduate employment in Tanzania. However there is the Tanzania Employment Services Agency (TaESA) who is responsible for facilitating employment in the country. Some universities and colleges also have their own separate structures to facilitate employment of their graduates.

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