Sick Leave


In accordance with the Labour Code, a worker is entitled to sick leave of up to 6 months, if certified by the doctor. The employer may require the worker to submit a certificate signed by three recognized medical doctors if the illness goes beyond 15 days. Employer is not obliged to pay the worker who is absent for more than 2 days without providing medical certificate. Of the maximum 6 months of sick leave, the first three months are paid while the last three months are unpaid.

Source: Articles  61-62 of the Law regulating Labour in Rwanda, 2009 (aka Labour Code); ISSA Country Profile Rwanda, 2017

Medical Care

In case of community-based health insurance (social insurance), Government health centers, district hospitals, and referral hospitals provide medical services. Benefits include vaccinations, general care, surgery, dental care, X-rays and imaging, laboratory services, rehabilitation services, hospitalization, medicine, maternity care, ambulance fees, and prostheses. Cost sharing is required for 10% of billable costs for services at the district level.

In case of public health insurance (social insurance), 85% of the costs for covered medical treatments and prescribed drugs are paid. These treatments include surgical interventions, hospitalization, chemotherapy, medical imaging, laboratory tests, physiotherapy, dental care, eye treatment, limb prosthesis and orthosis, dialysis, and full medical check-ups (for women aged 36 or older and men aged 41 or older).

Source: Article 14 of Law N° 06/2003 of 22/03/2003 Modifying and Completing the Decree Law of August 22, 1974 Concerning Organization of Social Security; ISSA Country Profile Rwanda, 2017

Job Security

Employment of a worker is secure during the period of sick leave, i.e., six months. The employment contract is suspended for absence due to illness when it is certified by a qualified doctor.

Source: Article  25(1) of the Law regulating Labour in Rwanda, 2009 (aka Labour Code)

Regulations on Sick Leave

  • Law regulating Labour in Rwanda, 2009 (Labour Code) / Itegeko rigenga umurimo mu Rwanda, 2009