Employment Security

Written Employment Particulars

The Labour Act states that the employment contract can be either oral or written. The contract can be for a definite period, an appropriate period or for a performance of a specific task. The contract is to contain the following particulars: name of employer; place of employment; name of employee and other details necessary for identification; nature and duration of employment; period of notice for termination of contract; salary/wages; measures to be taken for the welfare of the employee and their family; conditions of repatriation (where applicable); and any other conditions of the contract.

Furthermore, the employer is to provide an employee all the information in a form which an employee can understand which includes the fundamental rights of employment as provided in the Labour Act, particulars of the employment contract, and other minimum conditions of employment as stated in the Labour Act.

The employer can either have a written employment contract and provide the employee with its copy or he/she can have a oral employment contract whereby the employee will then have to be provided a written statement containing the required information or a notice can be posted in the workplace containing the required information in languages which are understood by the employee.  Notice can be used in the case where terms of oral contract are the same as those applying to other employees.  

Sources: §42, 43 & 44 of the Labour Act, 2017

Fixed Term Contracts

The Labour Act allows fixed term contracts. It further states that where the employment for a definite period has expired but the employee continues to work without a contrary direction from the employer, the contract is deemed to be renewed on the same terms as the expired contract. Where the employee’s employment continues for period of two years after the expiry of the employment contract, the employment is deemed to be for an indefinite period. Maximum length of single fixed term contract (or including renewals) is not clearly specified under the law.

Sources: §42 of the Labour Act, 2017

Probation Period

The employer can require an employee to serve a probationary period. However, the probationary period cannot exceed 3 months.

Sources: §42 of the Labour Act, 2017

Regulations on Employment Security

  • Labour Act, 2017