Health and Safety

Employer Cares

Every owner of an industry is required to take the necessary precautions to protect workers against industrial accidents and occupational diseases. 

Free Protection

The Labour Bill requires employers to provide protective equipment (means of protection) against work hazards. No worker employed in any factory has to perform such work which may expose him/her or others to danger. He/she has the benefit of all means of protection provided for him/her. Moreover, no worker may intentionally damage or misuse the materials, machinery and other property of the factory. Every factory owner has to bring to the notice of workers the occupational dangers and the protection means and shall ensure such protection of his or her workers against industrial accidents or occupational diseases.


Sources: §92 & 94 of Labour Bill, 2011


Employers are required to ensure that workers have been well trained by keeping them under the supervision of one or more experienced persons in the field. 

Sources: §93 of Labour Bill, 2011

Labour Inspection System

Labour Bill provides for appointment of Industrial Safety Inspector to supervise factories and industrial operations specified under the law. An industrial safety inspector has the power to enter the factory premises during working hours, by day or at night in order to inspect, inquire into accidents, examine the equipment and materials and take samples or to verify any other particulars he/she deems necessary. The factory owner or his/her agent or representative are required to furnish to the industrial safety inspector all data and information requested.


Sources: §85 & 86 of Labour Bill, 2011

Regulations on Health and Safety

  • Labour Code, 1997