Overtime Compensation

The normal working hours are 8 hours a day and 48 hours a week (excluding the meal & rest hours of at least 30-minute duration during each day). The competent authority, after consultation with the Council, may amend the daily and weekly working hours or intervals for some periods of the year or for some categories of workers according to the nature and kind of work.


In the case of emergency, an employer may require a worker to perform overtime however the overtime hours may not exceed 4 hours per day and 12 hours per week. The overtime is optional in call cases for women.


An employer is required to pay overtime at the rate of one and a half times the normal rate of pay (150% of normal wage rate). This rate is for working overtime on normal week days. If workers are required to do overtime work on a gazetted public holiday, they are paid two times the rate of normal pay (200% of the normal wage rate).  The overtime premium is calculated on the basis of basic salary


Sources: §43 & 44 of Labour Bill, 2011

Night Work Compensation

There is no provision in the law that requires an employer to make premium payment to the night workers.

Compensatory Holidays / Rest Days

There is no provision of compensatory rest day when a worker has to perform work on a weekly rest day or a public holiday.

Weekend / Public Holiday Work Compensation

There is a premium pay for working on Public Holidays. When a worker performs work on Public Holidays, he receives wages at a premium rate of 200% of the normal hourly wage rate.

Sources: §44 of Labour Bill, 2011

Regulations on Compensation

  • Labour Act, 2017