Job Protection

No Harmful Work

The Labour Bill prohibits employment of women in occupations which are hazardous, arduous or harmful to their health, such as carrying weights or assigning women to perform jobs under ground or under water or jobs which may expose them to poisonous material/toxic substances or to temperatures exceeding the normal limits borne by women


Sources: §21 of Labour Bill, 2011

Protection from Dismissals

A women worker can't be dismissed during the period of her pregnancy or maternity leave.      

Sources: §47 of Labour Bill, 2011

Right to Return to Same Position

There is no specific provision in the law granting a worker the right to return to same position after availing her maternity leave. However, it is implied from art. 46that a worker can't be demised during the term of her maternity leave which means that right to return to work is guaranteed under the law. However, the right to return to the same position is not.