Family Responsibilities

Paternity Leave

An employee is entitled to two weeks of paternity leave on full pay, to be taken within three days after the birth of his child or immediately following miscarriage by his wife. On completion of paternity leave, the worker has the right to return to the position that he held immediately before taking leave.

Sources: §65 of the Labour Act, 2017

Parental Leave

There is no provision in the law on paid or unpaid parental leave.

Flexible Work Option for Parents / Work-Life Balance

There is no option in the law on flexible work options or part time work for parents during early years of children.

An employee who is employed to work for more than 4 days a week and has been in continuous service for the employer for at least three months, is entitled to fully paid annual compassionate leave of 3 days. An employee can take compassionate leave due to illness/injury of a child or spouse, or because of a death of a family member of employee.

Sources: §66 of the Labour Act, 2017

Regulations on Family Responsibilities

  • Labour Act, 2017