Job Protection

No Harmful Work

The Labour Proclamation prohibits employment of women in types of work that have been listed by the Minister as particularly arduous or harmful to women’s health (whether they are pregnant or not). Similarly, pregnant women workers may not be asked to work overtime or night hours. A woman worker may be transferred to another place if her job is dangerous to her health or her pregnancy.

Source: §87 of the Labour Proclamation No. 1156/2019

Protection from Dismissals

A women worker can't be dismissed during the period of her pregnancy, maternity leave and four months after her confinement. Pregnancy of a worker does not constitute the valid ground for termination of a worker's contract. However, a woman worker may still be dismissed for reasons unrelated to her pregnancy or childbirth.

Source: § 26(2) & 87(5) of the Labour Proclamation No. 1156/2019

Right to Return to Same Position

There is no explicit provision in the law, which gives a female worker the right to return to same position after availing her maternity leave. However, because an employer can't terminate a female worker on maternity leave, it gives an implied right to return to the same job.