4 February 2020 - Ethiopia’s garment manufacturing sector is experiencing high turnover rates as employees feel underpaid and mistreated. Multiple industrial parks in Southern Ethiopia, especially Hawassa Industrial Park (HIP), are witnessing labour unrest and unionization in large numbers. The government is taking measures to address labour concerns while also keeping the industry’s interests in mind. Read more


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Economic Facts

  • Do you like drinking coffee? The first cup of coffee originated in Ethiopia and ended up becoming a global phenomenon, and now a part of people’s daily routine. The coffee industry plays an important role in the economy of Ethiopia, which is the largest coffee producer in Africa and the fifth-largest in the world. It has been estimated that approximately 400,000 hectares of area of the nation is only used for coffee cultivation and supports the livelihood of millions of people. Check your salary and keep drinking coffee!
  • An anomaly in the region, Ethiopia is one of the only two African nations to have never been completely under the rule of a colonising country. It is a point of great pride for the people of Ethiopia.  Labour Laws in Ethiopia