• 1 October 2019 - The Ethiopian government kicked off its riverside beautification project in Addis Ababa on 1 October2019. This billion-dollar project will boost the city's image, check river flooding, and attract tourists. It will also provide many citizens with employment. Minimum Wages
  • 28 September 2019 - To provide relief to distressed segments of its population, Ethiopia has ordered another 200,000 metric tonnes of wheat from the global market. Ethiopia's previous order of 400,000 tonnes wheat was used to stabilise the market. This order will be used to supply grains to those in need of assistance. Getting by in Ethiopia
  • 28 September 2019 - Economists and financial advisors are calling for the restructuring of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE). The restructuring will transform NBE into an institution capable of tackling mismanagement and mishandling of the country's funds. The NBE should have worked to curb the rising inflation rate, but it was unable to do so. Failures like these are why a renovation is needed. Wages in the public sector


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