Sick Leave


The Labour Proclamation provides for the paid sick leave for up to 6 months on completion of probation period if sickness is certified by a qualified doctor. A worker is entitled to sick leave if he/she is incapable of work owing to the sickness other than resulting from occupational injury. A worker must inform the employer about his/her absence due to sickness and provide a medical certificate issued by a medical organisation recognized by the Government. The employer may provide paid sick leave as follows:

- 100% of wages during the first month of sick leave;

- 50% of wages during the second & third months of sick leave; and

- unpaid leave from the fourth until sixth month.

Source: §85-86 of the Labour Proclamation No. 1156/2019; ISSA Country Profile 2019 

Medical Care

The Social Health Insurance Proclamation, passed in 2010, provides medical and health services to the workers. All workers are required to be a member of social health insurance scheme. Where a worker sustains employment injury, employer has to cover the medical service expenses on general and specialised medical and surgical care, hospital and pharmaceutical care and any necessary prosthetic or orthopaedic appliances.

Source: ISSA Country Profile 2019; §105 of the Labour Proclamation No. 1156/2019

Job Security

Employment of a sick worker is secure during the term of his sick leave.

Source: §85-86 of the Labour Proclamation No. 1156/2019

Regulations on Sick Leave

  • Labour Proclamation No.377/2003 / የአሰሪና ሰራተኛ ዓዋጅ ቁ. 377/2003