How Decent is my Flower Farm?

WageIndicator started a new project in flower farms in Ethiopia. The project has 5 components.

1. Data collection cost of living in  horticulture hubs and calculate on the basis of this data living wages.

2. Collect and analyse factory cases of non-compliance with the labour law using the special DecentWorkChecks developed by WageIndicator,

3. Collect Collective Agreements in the sector, analyse the clauses and propose (gender-specific) improvements.

4. Bring the results of the data collections to a meeting/debate.

5. As soon as there is data, this will be presented online in

Partners in the project are trade union confederation CETU in Ethiopia and its affiliate NFFPFAITU.

Funding period for Phase 1 : July 2019 - January 2021

Funder: Mondiaal FNV

A similar flower project started in Uganda. See more here.

This flower project has similarities with the WageIndicator garment projects in Ethiopia and Indonesia.