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Are domestic workers protected by the law in Ethiopia?

There is no provision in the labour law as far as domestic workers in Ethiopia are concerned.

What about payment of domestic workers?

There is no fixed wage for domestic workers in Ethiopia. The wage for domestic workers varies and depends on what the employer is willing to pay or what a domestic worker is willing to accept.

How many hours must a domestic worker work?

There is no time limit for work that is given to domestic workers.

Must domestic workers get paid over time, and under what circumstances?

They do not get over time payment because there is no time limit for work that is given to domestic workers

Where can a domestic worker complain if there is a problem?

The labour law does not make any special provision regarding where domestic workers can make a complaint. Domestic workers in Ethiopia are not regulated. But in case there is a problem, a domestic worker may report to the police station or the nearest Kebele administration, who may call the employer (problem creator) to settle the matter. If the complaint is not resolved, the matter may be brought to the social courts as they are responsible to solve social problems in Ethiopian society.

Does the law allow domestic workers to join/form a trade union?

No, the law does not allow domestic workers to join/ form a trade union in Ethiopia.

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