Almeda Textile PLC

And Its Basic Trade Union

Collected Agreement Made for a second Time

9 May, 2014

About the Collective Agreement Signature

This collective Agreement is signed by Alemeda Textile Factory PLC and Alemeda Textile Factor PLC Basic trade union Date on May 9, 2014 according the conviction stated to show that we have approved.

On this collective Agreement bargaining on behalf of Almeda Textile Factory PLC are:

Name - Position - Sig

1.Mr. Getachew G/Zihare, Chief of Manpower & Administration

2.Mr. Getachew Mesfin Haile, Chief of Caisson Department

3.Mr. Mebrahtu Zenbe Hailzegii, Chief of Law Department of Almeda Textile Factory PLC,

On this collective Agreement bargaining on behalf of Alemeda Textile factory PLC Trade union are ;

Name - Position - Signature

1.Mr. G/Medhin W/Mariam, Cooperative Chairman

2.Mr. G/Kirstos Astebha, Cooperative Secretary

3.Ashenafi G/Mariam Berha, Cooperative Accountant

4.Mr. Tewodros Beyene, Cooperative Member


1.Alemeda Textile factory PLC and Alemeda Textile Factor PLC. Alemeda basic trade union have approved by the convection of the International Law and national Law based Proclamations to have work according to their rights, duties, and responsibilities all for the better of the benefits.

2.In the Proclamation number 377/96 Article 125/1 states that the collective Agreement is obtained vital and within this Article 130/1 as its stated for it permits to put up spring points that is 377/96 Article 128 and 129; it's for the parties relation so us to keep their duties and Responsibilities.

3.It is necessary to strengthen and define in law in order to make High quality of production and High Quality particularly for the workers conditions, occupational safety, and health and work environment.

4.It is essential to ensure that worker employer relations are governed by the basic principles of rights and obligations with a view to enabling workers and employers to maintain industrial peace and work in spirit of harmony and cooperation towards the all- round development.

5.It has been found necessary to revise the existing trade union the basic principles which directs worker and employer's relation and conditions. Now, therefore, in accordance with labor Proclamation no. 337/96 Article 125/1 it is hereby to sign the contract Agreement.

Article 1 Basic Principles of the collective Agreement

This Agreement is made in between Alemeda Textile factory PLC and Alemeda Textile factory trade union. The collective agreements basic principles are stated as fellow.

1.To Rule the two parties relation by law

2.To manage any difference occur on occupation with the Application of their collective Agreement,

1.1.Basic Principles

1.1.1.This collective Agreement shall enter in to force by law on the two parties.

1.1.2.To up Grade a continuous competency of the company

1.1.3.To Achieve the company Goal

1.1.4.To establish a discipline committee and admitted any appeal in a legal way

1.1.5.Contract for the purpose of upbringing workers. Work efficiency

1.1.6.Contract for the purpose of upbringing Healthy, rehabilitation of the workers

1.1.7.Contract for the purpose of salary payment facilities with Agreement

1.1.8.For the better condition of the worker of the trade union

1.1.9.For making simplicity on the occupation by having update technology and Techniques

1.1.10.Taking in to account the political, economic and Social policies of the Government and in conformity with the international workers of the weakness, Agility and having civilizations and Modernity.

1.1.11.To Improve the Socio- Economic Status of the employee and Improve the workers safety.

1.1.12.To aware the workers their right and responsibilities

1.1.13.To ensure, practice Rules of Administration & Collective Agreement

1.1.14.To ensure the workers &. the factory Mutual possession

1.1.15.To ensure the worker & the factor Mutual passion According the Law

1.1.16.To have a critical Intentions & plan so does to be productive

1.1.17.To practice The present trade proclamation and practice on the organizations employees

1.1.18.To decide still when this collective agreement does Applicable.

Article 2 Definitions

2.1." Proclamation" Means labor Proclamation no. 377/96 and it impel to revise Proclamation 498/98.

2.2.” employee' means a person who employs in accordance with Article 4 of this proclamation.

2.3.” Employer" Means Alemeda Textile Factory PLC

2.4.''Organization" means any entity established under a united management for the purpose of charring and Approved any lawful activity done by a private organization.

2.5.” Vacancy" means any the employer New vacancy posted to hire at any position or any former position known on the company but posted when the employee is upgrade, Transfer or suspended out from the company.

2.6.” Over time" means according to the labor proclamation 377/96 Article 66 when the employer is under circumstances in which over time permissible.

2.1.''Leave" Means annual leave, sick leave. Marriage leave, Associational leave etc.

2.2.w position" means a name or a title given by the employer or all towards job description.

2.3.” Safety" Means any protective object given by the employee for the protection of the employee.

2.4."Up grading" this is by the no. 2.5 vacancy the lower Hierarchies allocation to up rise their position all towards.

2.5.” Transfer" means when the worker better way of service is unstable to give him any shift of time, position or area all according to the collective agreement.

2.6.” Warning" This starts with a collective a provision or venality given to the worker all though step by step according to the collective agreement.

2.7.” Benefits" means without the collective agreement when something is given to the worker.

2.8.” Salary/ wage" means when the employer is paid regularly to which the worker entitle in return for the performance of the work that under a contract the organization.

2.9.w Excess" means non budgeted money found after paying tax on the time it's stated as a net profit.

2.16.” Workers Efficiency" means an efficiency obtained from a worker in a given work time.

2.17.” Family" means

A.Legal marriage,

B.Son/daughter of the worker

C.His descendant or a ascendants Supported by the worker

2.18.Laws means laws of the employer and workers

2.19.” Effort" means the factory Higher Administrator

2.20.” Labor dispute" means any controversy arising b/n a worker and an employee in respect of the application of law, collective agreement, work rules, employment contract customary rules and also any disagreement arising during collective or in connection with collective agreement.

2.21.” Factory" means Alemeda Textile Factory

2.22.” Collective Agreement" means an Agreement made with Alemeda Textile factory PLC and the Alamedas Textile Labors.

2.23.''Monthly Salary" means a salary given once in month on the day of 26 to be,

2.24.” Simple job" means when a worker is allotted for any other position all due to his health condition after She/he has being a press.

2.25.” The two parties" means employer and the workers

2.26.” Procedure for Notice" means when a worker is terminating or post phone this job a letter is given and listed on the Archives.

2.27. "Certificate" Means a letter to indicate the worker has been trained in, the duration of training and other similar recommendation particularly.

Article 3 Improvement of the organization

•For any objections of the Collective agreement any employer can be represented and she/he has the responsibility to take to what is represented.

•Except from those provided by law employer shouldn't have any collective agreement privately or in cable net or unlawful/ illegal/ group.

Article 4 Scope of Application

•Shift collective agreement shall be applied on the workers in the Factory.

Article 5 The Right of taking Amendments

If the factory collective agreement is committed a Mistake on the Reduction of workers wage, position, Annual Leave or any Benefits From the day the Mistake in Identified for the next Six Month the error shall be erased.

A.Those who are benefited by the Mistake on understanding collective agreement and who had be benefited shall return 1/4 (one fourth of their wage) on the Monthly wages and paid back to the factory.

B.If the workers wage was reduced by fault She/he has to get Approved in order to be adjusted and all other things will be as trade Proclamation Article 377/96.

C.Workers Allocation and Promotion

Any Allocation or promotion given to any worker or all the reverse shall be evaluated for consecutive six months. Then after all the Assessment made either of those who get right allocation and promotion or on those who were using by Advance due to that outside collective agreement shall be adjusted within the six months.

Article 6 Definition of the Contract Agreement

6.1.If any unfavorable matter is stated with in the collective agreement, the collective agreement shall prevail or refer to the labor Proclamation 377/96 Definitions.

Article 7 Calming the collective rights

7.1.Rights of an Employer

7.1.1.To provide work to the worker, order, scheming, planning and organizing, Hire a new worker, to transfer or only preparation of

program the Employer shall base the labor Proclamation 377/96 and effort Human power Manual Procedures.

7.1.2.This proclamation Application shall be applicable to employment relation based on a control of employment that era's between a worker and an employer. Rights of an employer are supervising it well.

7.2.About Labors union Right

7.2.1.The trade union is the representative of the workers To any work dispute and collective agreement.

7.2.2.The trade union shall have to cooperate any necessary planning and Execution on the work to participate each worker without prejudice to sub Article 7.2.1.

Article 8 The Right of Employer

8.1.If an employer is facing serious challenge on allotting an Employee She/he obliged not to work on his Annual Leave.

8.2.If an Employer has logical clear reason she/he can transfer, Allotted, to any with its constant position and wage.

8.3.Employers have the right to lock out dispute from its position, suspended, or 30 days to Inspected or Investigate it's mistake in the manner prescribed in the Proclamation 377/96 without any collective Agreement.

8.4.Vacancies shall under study of every conditions determinant Clear, brief, easily and very equivalence with the work nature

8.5.The Employer has the right to bargaining with the third party, about any selling or buying production, Insurance in order to make a collective Agreement.

8.6.Unless the Employer is limited by any connectivity of a job, He has the right of Duty to inform, to release on press, production program statement preparation, Administration the factory.

8.7.The Employer has a right to take the priority over other in Debt worker to take it from their wages and within the procedure of the legal claims he can transfer with in the legal procedure.

8.8.The factor can see up on the gate and store.

8.9.According to labor Proclamation no. 377/96 collective Agreement and of effort Human Power Department amended administrational manual shall be tested critically either they are on application.

Article 9 Obligations of an Employer

9.1.An Employer have an obligation to fellow either the trade proclamation no. 377/96 and any Government rules related stated on the z collective agreement.

9.2.An employer has an obligation to protect any gender, Religion, nation or any other political or social attitude based bias.

9.3.To take all necessary occupational and health measured and to abide by the standards and directives to be given by the appropriate authorities in respects of these measures.

9.4.The Employer shall not interfere on any of the workers interest to be or not be of the trade union or any other member inquires.

9.5.Any worker has the right to get. His/hers ID covered by plastic which have his/hers name and photograph. If this Id is fade or tear by submitting the old one she/he can get a new for the second time. But if it's lost She/he have to attach with in letter written from this residence police station after She/he has bring it with a two or three witness.

9.6.The Employer shall never touch any workers or shall be well at respect the workers human dignity at any instances.

9.7.The Factory shall inform the trade union when it hires a worker, promotions its position; Transfer any worker in writing to the union and to the worker.

9.8.The factory has an obligation to provide implements and materials necessary for the performance of the work. If this are not ready and if workers are an able to work due to the loss of material it's the factory obligation to pay the workers wage as if the work.

9.9.The factor shall archive of workers wage with date, each time leave, and if possible prescription of Medical examination.

9.10.Apprenticeship time, trainings schedule when do they are taken with their job description should be given to the worker According He/she will allotted in right position or department.

9.11.The factory shall have clean and modern sanitation services and they must be maintain or reconstructed as it necessary.

9.12.The factory shall be ready to safe guard the workers' health and safety. So that, the factory shall remove, displace any such materials. That is including being ready to obstruct method or process adopted with a view to minimize occupational hazard i.e. First aid.

9.13.The employer shall inform if any governmental order or the factory or EFFORT new directives to each worker.

9.14.Any worker injured on occupation shall be liable; irrespective of fault according to the labor proclamation 377/96 Article 96 Sub Article 1 will be the obligation of the factory.

9.15.Any worker shall show any of receipts paid from his pocket for the work of the factor with in a slip before She/he take his wage or on the day of wage. This payment is done with in the wage time of the worker that is from 25-28.

9.16.Any new directives, procedures the factor shall aware and inform before it injure, distort, and misconnected by the trade union and management department close discussion. This new directive shall not contradict to any rule and regulation of collective agreement.

9.17.The fire bar grade of the factor shall have alert, full implements, so that capable to offence any distraction that may expect to be happened.

9.18.Any risk provider materials shall be reserved before they came to be a mean for any collapse.

9.19.Any worker of the factory if he/she has gone to any distance area for work and faced injuries the factory support by money and transport facilities.

9.20.The factory worker based on natural skill man power may order to take medical cheek up. This expense is covered by the factory.

9.21.The factory has the right to transfer from one place to another place to any of the employee for the reason that if the job on quires such, However, no employee can be sent from one place to another after 40 minutes are left starting his job in a single shift to another shift.

9.22.When the employee sick and sent with special cases to Addis Ababa to have contact with the branch office in order to get solution related his/her case.

9.23.If any of sick employee has been transferred from one position to another by the board while he was sick she/he has the right to get any of his benefits except the incentive.

9.24.Collected money of any worker from his provident fund will stay reserved on the bank by his account number.

9.25.The employer has an obligation to protect any employ not to be under attack of the Administration all due to his legal claims.

9.26.The worker shall be relentlessly efficient to improve and strengthen the factory.

9.27.On the quarter of the year, half year, while the yearly budget time closed, benefits and bankruptcy shall be stated to the employee. In addition to this the workers organization has to listen the report 2 times in a year.

9.28.The establishment/ organization have to put the worker profile, work and academic experience, certificate to reserve.

9.29.Those who suspended, hired, promoted, transferred workers shall be supported by copy of the workers organization.

Article 10 Labors Organization rights

10.1.The labor union can represent on the affairs of the workers to be accomplished. Assist the workers relation for better approach of the worker and control to keep the procedure and rules there.

10.2.Workers union is free of any interference while doing the legal work of the organization.

10.3.Executives of the workers/Labors/ organization allowed to have invited guest or any stranger to visit while having informed the establishment or the company.

10.4.The labor union has the right to use the Board for announcing.

10.5.When the trade union call for meeting or any social affair the factory will cooperate with for its labor organization.

10.6.On this convection benefits shall be benefited for the members of the worker organization.

10.7.If any employ is resigned from the position of the labor union she/he has the right to get what is belong for except incentive.

Article 11 Workers Obligations

11.1.Collaborating with the administration of the organization has to keep to interpreter applied and understood the collective agreement.

11.2.If any worker has a kind of complement or claims She/he has to fellow according to the procedure of the collective agreement to complain.

11.3.The workers shall discuss with the management and shall cooperate to motivate, Inspire for the Quality improvement and high production of the factory.

11.4.Workers have an obligation to protect the collective agreement, rules and regulations, procedures and directives of the organization.

11.5.If the organization has goods to sell or buy, payment to be paid for the workers it has the righty to exchange according the price and pay them at a time.

Article 12 The Right of the workers

12.1.Women have the rights to be checked up only by women escorts on the gate.

12.2.With the out the proclamation or legal appeal the organization can't reduce on seized any property of the worker.

12.3.Any worker has the right to claim or accuse in private and in group to the organization.

12.4.Any penalty provision on the worker shall not be listed on his private profile.

12.5.If an employee is sick she/he has to report, presented medical examination to take it wage according to the proclamation.

12.6.Related to the worker education and trainings shall be based on the discussion with factory collective agreements.

12.7.Any employee has the right to compute on the internal vacancies and external vacancies of the factory if He/ She has qualified on the required performance.

12.8.Any employ has the right to return any of his payment or credits while she/he is taking his wage.

12.9.Any employee has the right to get his work experience, and official clearance while even suspended from the office.

12.10.Employee has the right to get annual leave according to the stated employer collective agreement and directives.

12.11.The factory shall have register and store for the workers work wear/uniform/ and wear of their own

12.12.The factory shall have register the permanent members of the worker family and relative's under the worker responsibilities

12.13If the workers have not work do you to the problem of the factory She/he has the right to get its wage as if She/he works

12.14.Workers can exchange their shift if one of the worker has face a problem and the other is willing to cover of his at that shift time by permitting their immediate boss or their supervisor

12.15.Any worker has the right to see work assessments and its outcome of work and by via permitting the administration representative she/he can look at his work evaluations contour

12.16.Any worker has the right to yield to wears of work twofold a year

12.17 Any worker has the right to be supported to partake, consult, participate representing its union

Article 13 Obligation of workers

13.1.To perform its work with agility and endurance efficiently

13.2.To fellow instructions given by the employer based on the terms of contract and work rules.

13.3Any worker shall not be absent on a work without permission. Any absently wouldn't be accepted if the worker couldn't bring any mature evidence and for the next consecutive three days.

13.4.A worker shall give all proper aid when an accident occurs or an imminent danger treatments life or proper in his place of work and shall inform immediately to all workers immediate to get or give support.

13.5.A worker shall keep and ensure the wellbeing and interest of the factory.

13.6.Any worker shall have to handle with due care all instruments and tools entrusted him to work, to keep his mental and physical condition fit, fellow the rules and directives.

13.7.Any worker shall inform immediately if any dangers himself or his fellow workers or which prejudice the interest of undertakings.

13.8.Workers shall show strong cooperation, they have to be hand to hand and in good spirit while working at any time.

13.9.A worker shall have to take all the necessary occupational safety and health measure and to abide by the standard and directives to be given by the appropriate authorities in respect of three measures.

13.10.A worker shall not participate to give intentionally false information to deceive or confuse on to create a communication gap or disputes in b/n the workers.

13.11.A worker shall not found in any of the work place without the Without expressed authorization of the employer in working hours.

13.12.No worker shall sleep in hours of work.

13.13.Worker shall not come drunk to work area or having used any Drug at all.

13.14.No worker is allowed to work with any other private or governmental company's at any work or break time.

13.15.Any worker shall handle care all instruments, safety wears and tools entrusted to him for work.

13.16.Any worker shall work when she/he is order at any hours of work and shall fellow instructions given by the employer based the work rules and discipline.

13.17.Any worker shall return any material before any condition if he/she is going to absent of sickness or any other causes.

13.18.Any worker shall not give to any third body the implements given to be used by him.

13.19.Any worker shall report if any of the property of the factory is in improper use or under any risk.

13.20.Smoking cigarette is Taboo especially on the production area.

13.21.Each worker shall handle each material, machines given to work.

13.22.Each worker shall respect the working hour is restricted.

13.23.The safe guards who had been allotted in a day in on in the Night shall keep guard awake.

13.24.Any vehicles shall be cheeked up in the exit in and entrance.

13.25.Any worker shall be taking care of the organization name, or from any unlawful activity.

13.26.If any worker is sick and have been treated he/she has to show his sick leave first to its immediate boss or supervisor and if he/she has been treated in hospital will have to give it to the clinic.

13.27.Any worker shall not change his working allocation without the permission or order of his immediate boss.

13.28.Any worker is mandate to sign on the work assessment forwarded by its boss or on any penalty given by.

Article 14 On hiring an employee

14.1.Any one hired will be ratify according the effort human resource manual.

14.2.A women or disable applicant has 5% in as bonus out of. Any one out of will be but judged according its results and academic grade.

14.1.Any Ethiopian whom fulfills the proclamation shall not be discriminated by any gender, religion, political view not to be hired or work on the vacancies.

14.2.Any vacancy to hire an employee for temporary or permanent employment should be announced in either the print media like newspaper or in any of broadcasting media i.e. Radio, TV.

Article 15 Regarding the icons of the curriculum Vitae

15.1.Anyone who is going to be Hire shall have come up with a CV including.

15.1.1.The work position & job description

15.1.2.Work area and time.

15.1.3.The position he/she been working

15.1.4.Work Department

15.1.5.Monthly salary, incentive other benefits shall be attached.

15.2.Related to an employer and a worker it will be all based on the labor proclamation no. 377/96 and effort human resource manual directives and procedures.

15.3The letter given to the worker letter of employee shall be according the labor proclamation.

Article 16 Contract of


16.1.The factor will be based according labor proclamation no. 377/96 Article 48 trainer employee when employed it will based on the manual based.

Article 17 Probation period

17.1.A new worker shall employ for 45 consecutive probation period. The probation period shall not be more than 45 days. If it exceeds more than 45 days; it’s taken as permanent.

17.2.Unless its state by the agreement, worker in probation has equal obligation and rights.

17.3.If a worker in probation is under performance the company can terminated its contract without any warning.

17.4.If a worker shall not be allocated in its former work for a probation.

17.5.A worker who has come to take work examination and if he promoted/performed well will the taken as the starting of service day.

17.6.This directive will be applicable on workers in probation period.

Article 18 Regarding Workers work efficiency and performance evaluation report

18.1.Work performance and evaluation report by the worker immediate boss filled; inspected by department head by sustaining the detail report copy and having put mark it sent to

18.2.Work the chief of the Administration performance evaluation report presented twice in a year.

18.3.Employees who have score 2-5 and above will not get the opportunity in competing in promotion.

18.1.In the work performance and evaluation report to those who get 4 point and above, and to those who get below 2.5 cause details are an obligation to be stated by the work evidence evaluation report.

18.2.The work performance and efficiency evaluation shall be done curiously and correctly.

18.3.Any worker have the obligation to comment, put a signature on the work performance and efficiency.

Article 19 Regarding Rank and Promotion Giving Procedure

19.1.Rank and promotion can be created when a permanent employee is transferred, promoted or by the expansion of the factory. Vacancies of promotion require a clear qualification of work and academic experience. Competent who are selected for promotion shall compute within a month according to the internal vacancy.

19.2.A worker who win on the promotion examinations shall expect the manager decision as final matter to be allocated to the position.

19.3.the promotion, increment of salary in according to the rules and procedures of the organization. The promotion and salary scale of the worker is followed by the labor union to be applicable.

19.4.Filling the needed criteria the nominated worker for competition shall be informed within 15 days.

19.5.A worker who score 2.5 and above can be presented for promotion.

19.6.Any worker whom allocated for promotion shall give a service for other new competition for promotion.

19.7.If two (2) competent for promotion have score equal result the committee will select the winner according the criteria stated in effort directives.

Article 20 Regarding a procedure of transferring an employee

20.1.The scope of transferring an employee shall be for the productivity of the factory and considering on how to activate and modifying the job.

20.2.By the collective agreement of effort, though, this stated to transfer, if a worker is to transfer department to department from shift to shift from work to work, is the right of the factory inclusively the trade union.

20.3.The company can transfer any worker while keeping its wage, rank as its.

20.4.Transferring an employee shall not be done to harm the company productively or from any personal hate or to restrict any once motivation or spirit of work at any level.

20.5.The company shall cove the expense of an employee transferred for its transportation with his family.

Article 21 Of those who had been detained of law and absent from work

21.1.Any prisoner who had be in prison and released with no further accusation has a

right to return in to his work. However, if 30 days have passed on he/she has no right to work at all in the factory.

21.2.According to the Art 22.1 anyone who inquired to be back to his work shall have get his answer within 5 days. This will be done when the detailed person has presented all the necessary legal letter evidences.

21.3.the factory shall pay to a worker who stay in prison and innocent for its stay in a prison

21.4.If one employee have been judged according Article 11/21.1 and if he don't get fortunate to get his job back he/she has to take all benefits and suspended.

Article 22 Dividing and post ponding Annual leave

22.1.An agreement by worker to waive in any manner his right to annual leave shall be null and void by the effort human resource administration.

22.2.A worker whose contract of employment is terminated under this proclamation, Article 75 is entitled to his pay for the leave he has not taken.

Article 23 Hours of Work

23.1.Any worker shall work normal work shall not exceed eight hours (8) a day or forty eight hours of the week.

23.2.The factory workers can be classified hors of worker, in shift, or half a day or normal half a day work hours according to the condition of the work.

23.3.The normal hours of work of the factory will be as stated below:

23.3.1.In shift workers/ workers work in shift/

A.Morning shift from 1:00-0:0 o'clock

B.Afternoon shift from 9:00-5 O'clock

C.Night shift from 5:00 - 1 o'clock

D.Garment - Morning shift from 12:00-8:00 O'clock

E.Garment - Afternoon shift 8:00-4:00 o'clock

23.3.2.Workers permissible to the normal work hour

A. From Monday up to Friday from 2:30-6:30 and in the afternoon from 7:30- 11:30, on Saturday morning from 2:30-6:30.

23.3.1.Those who work on the normal and shift time can be changed according to the factory if necessary.

23.1.To those who work at normal and shift work hours half an hour 30 minutes/ is permitted as leisure for food.

23.2.The weekly rest period shall be to those who work 6 days in weak shall be fall on Sunday to those who work 7 days in weak shall be fall one day of the week in quire.

Article 24 Overtime

24.1.Work done in excess of the normal daily hours of work fixed is taken as overtime. This is to mean that the payment for overtime is done if the overtime to be is more than 15 minutes.

24.2.Circumstance in which overtime work is permissible is all according to the labor proclamation no. 377/96 Article 67/1/A. That's as fellows;

A.accident, actual or threatened

B.force - majeure

C.If urgent work

D.substitution to an absent work assigned on work that runs continuously without interruption.

24.3.any worker who stay working until substitute has come or his boss order shall be paid according the trade proclamation 377/96 Article 68

24.4.A worker may not be compelled to work overtime if he/she can state it's reason according to the trade proclamation 377/96 Article 67. Overtime work must be done with no discrimination over the workers. However women, especially pregnant women cannot compel so.

24.5.Payment for overtime work shall be effected on the day fixed for wage pay day in the procedure of finance administration.

24.6.Worker who works overtime in case of work done on weekly rest day, at rate of (2) multiplied by the ordinary hourly rate shall be entitled payment for the worker.

24.7.To those workers who work overtime outside the schedule of their shifts will be paid according to the trade proclamation number 377/96 Article 68.

24.8.Overtime shall be worked out only in cases expressed instructions of the employer.

Article 25 Determination of wages

25.1.Wages shall be paid by the European calendar starting from 25-28 day of the month, from However, if this days are either to be public Holidays or weekends the payment will be done before the first day of this day 15%.

25.2.Wages shall be paid directly to the worker or to a person delegated by him if he/she came having a case statement of the person whom an able to take his wage by formal letter. understanding his problem with in the month one third of his salary from the 8-15 days could be paid to the worker

25.4.The factor has to pay to the cashier for as cash indemnity within 30 days after the wage day.

25.1.If this cash is in adequate to pay the wage and approved by the factory auditor the factor shall give him from the cashier indemnity.

25.2.The casher shall be warned before any penalty. But if the cashier doesn't approve its mistake the factor is completed to submit all the money and suspended.

25.3.Each worker shall take a paper slip to state what things shall reduce or deduced from wage before the he/she take it wage.

Article 26 Incentives

26.1.Wage promotion is if the company comes to be profitable on the budget year approved by the higher expertise of accountants of the factory. Budget year is to mean from July 24 - June 23 within.

26.2.If the factory has ratified to give salary or wage promotion it equally belongs to each worker.

26.3.Each worker will be benefited from the promotion of wage.

26.4.If the factory is profitable enough the wage promotion will be according to the scale of wage.

26.5.The factory shall have to promote every worker to ensure, motivate and inspired for a better work and service.

26.6.The factory shall take a survey on production level of promotion in order to promote each worker.

Article 27 Per-diems

27.1.Amount received by way of per-diems to the worker is if the worker have been on the occasion of travel by the factory order.

27.2.The payment for per-diems is though stated on the manual of effort it is paid as fellow

*10% - For break fast

*25% - For launch

*25% - For launch

*40% - For Bed

27.3.A worker who take a per-diems payment shall come to settle its account within 7 days.

No......................Month of wage.....................Daily per diems

1.................................0-300.....................Outside Addis Ababa...........Addis Ababa

2................................301-600.........................110 birr...............................160 birr

3................................601-900.........................125 birr...............................175 birr

4................................901-1500.......................140 birr...............................190 birr

5...............................1501-2500......................150 birr...............................200 birr

6...............................2501-3500......................170 birr...............................220 birr

7...............................3501-4500......................210 birr...............................260 birr

8..............................Above 4501.....................230 birr................................280 birr

27.4.Any worker who travels to work more than 25 k/m will be paid per diems. If the company doesn't allotted a truck the company will cover transport money.

Article 28 The structure of occupational safety and Health Committee

28.1.It is the obligation of an employer to take the necessary measure to safeguard he health and safety of the workers via the occupational safety and Health committee.

28. The structure of occupational safety and health committee will establish as fellow:

1.Factory Administration - Chairman

2.The labor union Organization chairman - Duty of Chairman

3.Chief of Safety and Insurance- Secretary

4.Trade Union's Representative- Member

5.The union Representative- Member

6.Clinic Chairman- Member

Article 29 Regarding protection materials and safety garment distribution and preventative measures

29.1.About occupational safety wear distribution safety wear are by nature durable. Therefore, they

Shall be submitted and removed by the new one at a time.

29.1.2.Occupational safety wear shall be different in color, conduct, texture according the nature of the work departure.

29.1.3.Unless it's due to negligence, if a worker has tear its occupational safety by the conduct or situation of the work he/she shall have to get a new wear by informing to the immediate head.

29.1.4.A worker shall wear occupational safety wear at work time.

29.1.5.A worker shall never wear slipper or any other which obstructed any method or process adopted with a view to minimizing occupational hazard.

29.1.6.The factory provides worker occupation safety wear and other protective equipment and arrange 2 times in a year according to the collective agreement.

Article 30 Medical Benefits

30.1.The organization must have a clinic that gives equal service to all the workers

30.2.When a worker injures and if he/she need an emergency the organization give 'ambulance' service.

30.3.The organization gives transport service if a worker is sick.

30.4.The organization will have medical experts from a known university and who has an authentic certificate from Ministry of Health.

30.5.If any worker is seek the factory clinic give a free medical service.

30.6.Any worker in occupational dieses shall fill the form of sick leave while leaving for Hospital and shall have medical sick leave prescription from the hospital on his return and show the necessary medical examination paper to his immediate boss.

30.7.If occupational accident is happen; it gets first aid and examination by the factory clinic.

30.8.If the occupational disease is unable to notice he/she can be represent to inform to his immediate boss.

30.9.If any worker is allowed by the medical expert of the factory to be treated on bed he/she has the right to do so.

30.10.If the worker is unable to recover from the occupational disease justified by the medical Board he/she has the right to get payment injury with its benefits and serviced payment.

30.11.If a worker is refer to Axum or Addis Ababa for medical treatment the office fellows up either in a phone or by its branch to cooperate the worker. If a worker is an able to travel by a truck within medical slip she/he will have a flight journeys by the cover of the factory.

30.12A sick work has the right to get a transport service if he cannot cover the expenses due to economic limits

30.13sick worker's in Addis Abba they can get the service with the hospital who has an agreement with the factory

30.14.The expense of the worker will be covered by the factory 100% according to the EFFORT manual.

30.15.Workers have the right to get the necessary vaccination to protect from any transmitted disease to their family who live in the factory camp.

30.16.To give fast and safety service for the workers; the factor clinic will made a contract with Axum and Adwa Hospitals.

30.17.If workers are refer or sick in their time of annual leave and refer and treated in the Government Hospitals and house came with an official receipt the will be paid 100% from the production coverage.

30.18.If workers are faced an incident, injury or any disease while on occupation or all due to the cause of the occupation and refer outside Adwa Hospital he/she will have the right to get money for transport and for medical treatment 100% with its periderms. The periderms are paid considering the day of medical treatment is taking and exclusively the days set off the journeys.

30.19.If a worker is sick randomly while he/she was on his residence house and has been treated in hospital he/she has the right to take the medical treatment expenses if he/she has to bring all the necessary medical slip.

30.20.The Higher Health officer of the factory clinic is more responsible to fellow up the neatness and safety of the food of the workers given in the canteen.

Article 31 Sick leave

31.1.A worker in probation period can get leave if even sick by non-immediate cause of the work

31.2.Regardless of the cause

sick leave shall not exceed more than six months per- year either consequently or in terminations anyone with sick leave takes his whole month salary/wage/.

31.3.Any sick leave can be valid if it's approved by the factory clinic, governmental health stations, or any health service which has a legal contract with the factory.

31.4.If the employer has taken the permission of the one absent She/he shall also know or informed about the next day of it.

31.5.Any sick worker shall have a sick leave while starting better or fit to work.


victims and those who express openly that they are shall get a proper support from the factory. Those who take HIV/AIDS/ retroviral medicines' will cover 100%

31.7.HIV/AIDS carriers will take their full wage if the approve their treatment by medical slip they are unable to work until they are in a life.

Article 32 Occupational Disease Sick Leave Given for

32.1.The Medical Board is only authorized to decide a worker is unable to work so that he/she has to shift for other job which is circumstanced easy and that he/she is to be capable of

32.2.The Medical Board has the power to consent if a worker is consulted to work simple job all due to the health condition

32.3.While occupational diseases are happening to any worker She/he must take no deduction of wage while shifted to any position.

Article 33 Benefits in the case of Employee Injuries

33.1.the factor is obligated to pay a whole expected legal payment to any injury sustained a worker while he is preceding to or from place of work in a transport, by foot expressly distained by the undertaking the same purpose.

33.2.A worker who had stay injure and have medical certificate and medical certificate approved by the Board he/she will get a compensation payment according to the insurance contract.

33.3.A worker injure shall be paid its all expected payment till taking treatment.

33.4.A worker injures on work and who get sufficient medical treatment but unable to recover well shall terminate its contract according the trade proclamation no. 377/96. If the worker condition is justified by the Medical board as stated the worker will take all the expected legal payments.

33.5.The employer shall not be liable for any injury intentionally caused by the worker.

a.Non- obedience of express safety instruction or non-observance of the provision of accident prevention rule specifically issued by the employer; or

b.Reporting to work in the state of intoxication that prevents him from properly regulating his body or understanding.

33.6.If the worker is injured and his family would have a prime option to work on the factory determine their problem as possible.

Article 34 The safety committee

34.1.The safety or security committee is an established from a collected group of the labors union and from the management staff.

34.2.The committee shall have one permanent secretary and staff room.

34.3.The committee studies the cause of fire and inform remove the causes to keep the safety of the factory.

34.4.The committee prepares fire protection equipment and store in proper manner.

34.5.The committee controls the quality service of sanitation and canteen.

34.6.Give a short training to aware new workers.

34.7.If it's necessary the committee may hire professionals to give training for the workers.

34.8.The safety committee protects chemicals, bio- chemicals which are anti¬environment and hazards.

34.9.The safety committee studies the directive of the factory insurance and forwarded consultancies on it.

34.10.The committee controls the factory insurance dates of renewal.

34.11.The committee shall ensure the insurance stand to be agreed for the necessary important much of for the workers interest.

Article 35 Regarding Insurance

35.1.The employer shall be liable, irrespective of fault for employment injuries sustained by his worker and the employer shall ensure to solve the worker injuries according to the labor proclamation no. 377/96 and with the engaged insurance contracts.

35.2.The Labor union shall have one copy of the contract paper made with the insurance for the safety of his worker.

35.3.Each worker has 24 hours insurance. This includes of workers who are call from their residence house.

35.4.Worker who injure shall inform the police station, Kebelle, peasants Association or the factory clinic according 36.3 of the above article to get the expected benefit of his insurance. He or his family representing him must inform about his injuries at a time.

35.5.Any injury sustained by a worker while carrying out, she/he shall have to fill about its injury in a given form or his friends, by his colloquies, or immediate boss.

35.6.If the worker is injures even if out of the allocated place order by his boss he has the right to get all the needed payments allow for an injure workers insurance

35.7.If the worker is under permanent total disablement with justified medical certificate the worker will get all expected legal benefits and its contract terminated.

35.8.Any injury sustained a worker while carrying out the employers order, even away from the work place or outside his normal hours of work shall ensure to get insurance based on the contract with insurance com. Amount of money paid for insurance is non- taxable.

35.10.If the insurance to be paid is in debt it shall be transfer to be paid By others to make it granted.

35.11.Any directive of law unexpressed here related to insurance will be referred to the labor proclamation no. 377/96 and its coming amendments revised/ rules.

35.12.If the company does put the worker in a red tape to give any benefit while the company was responsible; the company will cover for the negligence done on the worker.

Article 36 Annual leave

36.1.Any worker who works on the annual year leave shall be paid for it.

36.2.A worker who works one year in the factory has 20 days annual leave.

36.3.The wage a worker receives during his annual leave shall be equal to what he would have received if he had continued to work.

36.4.To decide the maturity of the worker for the annual leave a worker who works in the company for 26 day in counted as one month.

36.5.Based on the labor proclamations, if a worker whose contract is terminate will be paid his annual leave by wage.

36.6.Dividing and post ponding annual leave

37.6.1.Any worker can made to be transferred his annual leave however an annual leave cannot be fired. Therefore, it's possible to accommodate annual leave and to take it in payment.

37.6.2.Where a worker falls sick or a worker in maternity leave falls sick if he/she bring the medical certificate of examination the annual leave will be elongated relatively with it.

36.7.Regarding issuance of annual leave

36.7.1.A worker shall be granted his first period of leave after one year of service next and subsequent period of leave in course of each calendar year; however, employer shall grant a worker his leave in accordance with a leave schedule in the course of the calendar year in which it becomes due.

36.8.Job notice to a worker who stays at annual leave

36.8.1.The job notice to be done for a worker who currently stays with annual leave maybe call if unknown conditions have occurred and if it needs to be at his/her present work place

36.8.2.Where a worker being called from his/her annual leave the travelling cost incurred and the remaining annual leave shall be calculate and refunded the same.

36.8.3.A worker being called from annual leave shall be paid the travling cost along with additional allowance.

36.9.Issuance of free leave/ without salary payment

36.9.1.If any worker faces severe conditions or special situation may be granted 5 consecutive day without salary payment. However when a worker faces with

any kind of force majeure his immediate supervisor and administration may deliberate and grant up to 10 days leave without salary payment

Article 37 Maternity Leave

37.1.An employer shall not be grant leave to a pregnant women worker without deducting her wages, for medical examination connected with her pregnancy provided, however, that she is obliged to present a medical certificate of her examination.

37.2.A women worker shall be granted a period of 30 consecutive days of leave with pay preceding the presumed date of her confinement and a period of 60 consecutive days of leave after her confinement.

A.Before confinement - 30 consecutive days of leave with pay

B.After confinement -60 consecutive days of leave with pay.

C.A worker whose spouse gets birth
is allowed for 3 consecutive days to leave with pay. If he inquires he can take one month wage in a debt to be paid within six


37.3.A pregnant women worker has the right to be allocated in work comfortable to her circumstance if she brings the medical examination

37.4.without the collective agreement if a pregnant women wants to get her power she shall have report falsely to factory administration.

37.5.A pregnant women working hour shall be according medical order.

37.6.A pregnant women who confiscated to have birth can leave 10 minutes before any other worker.

37.1.If a pregnant women is pregnant from unwanted case and want to abort it she can have leave according the medical paper and allow to take her wage.

37.2.If the confiscated women birth a baby and the baby is sick with approving medical certificate she can be remittable to treat her baby that is confiscated from the annual leave days with taking her wage.

37.3.A pregnant woman who works in the factor if injure and due to that her pregnancy is aborted approved by health professionals the factory is obliged to cover 100% of the medical expense and has to be paid her wage on leave time written by the health professionals.

37.4.If a pregnant woman have get birth in the factory the factory will be taken by the factory vehicle to her residence house and pregnant women who call for the factory to have a transport service they are allowed so.

37.5.A pregnant women shall allowed to take allow before confiscated of her pregnancy.

37.6.If any means the case is a pregnant woman whose pregnancy is aborted after seven months is taken equal as pregnant women who have get birth. Therefore, she will have the same right with on maternity leave.

37.7.A pregnant women who get birth by operation/ surgery/ will have 3 month maternity leave.

37.8.If there is unexpressed directive here in case it will be all according to the labor proclamation no. 377/96.

Article 38 Marriage leave

38.1.A worker hired permanently is allowed to have a leave of 5 days if he/she is to be married legally with his wage.

38.2.Any worker hired permanently is allowed to have a leave of 3 days if any of his parent, adopted or grown on the responsibility of worker are married legally with his wage.

38.3.Any worker hired permanently is allowed to have a leave of 3 days if he is best man in marriage legally.

In 39.1.-39.3 stated leave are inquired the worker shall inform for at least seven days.

Article 39 Mourn leave

39.1.A worker

A.his life or her husband, brother, sister, son, daughter is dead he/she has the right to leave 5 days of mourn.

B.A grandfather or grandmother, grandchild, fiance, uncle, sister in law, etc. if dead, and the corpse is inside or Neighboring morn he/she is allowed to have 3 days of mourn.

39.2.The mourn is at a distance from the work area she /he can the right to leave for ten days that will be counted on the annual leave

39.3.If the mourn is at a distance or outside the realm state of the worker he/she has the right to leave for 10 days that accounted from the annual year it will be free leave/leave for free/.

39.4.A worker who leave under custody of his died according to the evidence he/she presented can have the tight top leave for three days.

39.5.A worker on his annual leave who faced mourn will have additional leave according 40.1 States.

Article 40 Leave given to the labor union works

40.1.It it's not too urgent by inquiring labor union committee executive and its member of the executive labor union committee 12 hours leave with wage can be allowed. In addition to this for work dispute, appeal, meetings of the labor union, seminar and other conference to participate can be allowed by.

40.2.Chief of the labor organization from Monday to Saturday while day, for secretary

2 days in week to assist the labor union is taken as their fulltime work.

40.3.The labors union members have the right to get transport for similar member discussion with other factories, experience taking situation, etc. related to work for the convention of the organization.

40.4.The labor union members work one day in week from 3:30-11:00 as a regular working time.

40.5.Any worker who gone for dispute, appeal or any other legal activity shall have the right to be paid were the time spent their.

40.6.Any worker who spent for civil inquires i.e. To appeal, or dispute will only paid the time he/she spent their. Any other inquires shall be under the permit of the immediate boss.

40.7.Chief of the organization or its representatives has the right to get a truck whenever they inquire to facilitate the organization.

Article 41 Public Holidays

41.1.According to the labor proclamation no. 377/96 regarding public holidays the following days are claimed to be closed for work and allowed in wage as fellow:

No...........Public holiday, month, day..............Details

1..............September 1.....................................New year

2..............September 17..................................Meskelle Day

3..............December 19...................................Christmas

4..............January 11........................................Epiphany

5.............February 23......................................Victory of Adwa

6.............Eid A1 fitre/as it to be/.....................Ed al Fetri /Ramadan/

7.............April 27.............................................Ethiopia patriots day

8.............Good Friday......................................Good Friday


10...........April 23.............................................Labors day

11............Eid fitre /as it to be/.........................Eid al Fitre

12............May 20.............................................Fall of Derg

13.............Mewulide/as it to be/......................Birth day of prophet mohammed.

41.2.To keep the productivity of the factory if the labor organization has discussed to work on the public holiday necessary, the organization administration can order to work on those days. The payment will also be according to the labor proclamation.

Article 42 Regarding capacity Building trainings

42.1This conviction will work aiming to develop the skill, knowledge and attitude of the factory works to be capable in the position they are allotted based on the employer and worker obligations stated in the labor proclamation no. 377/96.

42.2.A worker taken for capacity building trainings shall certified of what they train and this has to be attached with their profile.

42.3.Worker who has taken capacity building training shall report what they have trained at any level and their department shall have an evaluation, assessment, discussion concerning this. In addition to this they are responsible to transfer their skill according to the order of the Administration.

42.4.If any worker is sent to abroad countries for capacity building and training or academic school ship.

A.The factory converse the expense of medical examination, Passport and other relative affairs,

B.The factory proposes paper money for transport.

C.The factory shall pay for the time spent in capacity building training of the


D.A worker who complete its capacity building shall be paid by the Factory it's wage.

E.A worker who take a capacity building training by the factory for more than one year must have to work for 2 years in the .

42.5.Those who wants to learn correspondent education

42.5.1.Worker shall have to get permission before getting started their academy. The factory will give them/ let them/ free based on the following situations /conditions/

A.If the worker is living a place where there is no higher academic institution on if the academic departure or if the work condition cannot allow for extensional academy.

B.If the distance directorate has authentic approved by Ministry of education

C.If the factor administration is perceived that the worker academy continuity is quiet supportive for the interest of the company.

42.5.1.Those workers who don't inform the factory that they are learning will not be supported of their academic expenses by the factory.

Article 43 Regarding work Representation

43.1.If any chief is going to left for some time for a job case he/she can discuss with nearby chief then he/she can represent someone from the group ion written but this is going to be done according the manage/ administers in detail.

43.2.The day of representation shall be explained clearly on the letter written to the Represented.

43.3.The Representative person work the job by joining with his normal job and will be paid differently/ in difference/.

43.4.The company shall assign a truck for the funeral ceremony if funeral ceremony is taken with in the city.

Article 44 Regarding Funeral Ceremony's Support

44.1.If the funeral ceremony under taken the factor a sign/allocated/ a factory truck.

44.2.If a worker is passed away 3000 Br will be given for the funeral ceremony. If gross wage of the worker is more than 3000 the company will give gross salary to the family of the dead worker. These do not include the worker labor union or edit etc.

44.3.If the worker is passed away in the area h/she is transferred on allocated the company will hand over the corpse of the worker.

44.4.Funeral ceremony taken on the city the company wills to dispense a truck.

44.5.When one worker is dead the company prepare coffin made by wood.

Article 45 Regarding workers debt

45.1.The factory prepares emergency payment of 4 month which will pay within 24 months with no interest and no insurance is given when the worker is asked officially. Any worker who takes 1 month salary in 4 month, any worker who takes 2 month, in 8 month, 3 month, in one year 3 month, with in 24 month will be paid. Notwithstanding the above stated any worker who take interest free the time he/she take the debt when resigning his debt shall not raise from its benefits

Article 46 Canteen

46.1.The factory shall have a canteen, waiters, and clean equipment of food for the assistance of the workers.

46.2.The committee will be accountable on to the canteen service.

46.3.The canteen building shall the property and it should be renovate at a time to give quality and comfortable service.

46.4.The factory shall control the sanitation service with the help of the factory clinic controlling

46.5.The canteen workers shall be cheeked as any worker of the factory while they get in and out from the factory.

46.6.The factory fixes rules and procedures of the canteen.

Article 47 Sport

47.1.The factory shall cooperate for sport b/c sport keeps health, create agile, endure, healthy worker.

47.2.The factory owns the factory sport club.

47.3.The sport committee schedules the sport/ training/ program.

47.4The labor union shall cooperate on the activity of sport club.

47.5The factory shall prepare sport fields/ training area/.

47.6.Any worker who injure on training or sport computations she/he has the right to get any benefit while getting medical treatment.

Article 48 Transport Service

48.1.The factory shall give a transport service to the worker who lives outside the camp. This is by having let common station for the worker while the get out and in from the factory. If any incident is happen while he go down to his home he/she is taken as present while absent from work.

48.2.The factory administration shall fix the station where the transport service beginning and destination. Besides the factory allocate transport service at least lesser than 20 km distance.

48.3.The organization shall offer rest for mothers in breast
feeding since their delivery time up to 6 months as well as allow to have enough time for breast feeding from 6:00 to 7:30.

Article 49 Posta and telephone Service

49.1.The factory shall own 1 service of Posta and telephone operator used including by the worker.

Article 50 Penalty provision

50.1.Any worker who made a mistake/ committee a mistake on any rule and procedure will be penalized by nearby chief claims shall also based on the Alemeda manual.

Article 51 Regarding Grounds for suspension

51.1.1.If any worker committed a mistake Intoxicated, or use any drugs in work time

51.1.2.Make disturbance or conflict in the factory

51.1.3.When he/she neglected given an order deliberately

51.1.4.When he/she possess inside the company

51.1.5.Or any other mistakes similar as stated above

As its stated above crimes to be investigated and give a decision the worker will be suspended for 15 days from work. However, if the worker is found guilty he/she will take his suspended days wage and return to his job.

Article 52 Common offense

52.1.Fault resulting termination without notice.

l.Any property of the factory taken to his own use, theft, steal, to transfer it to the third body, accomplish with theft

2 .Any worker who smoke cigar in the danger area or who tried to fire to destroy the factory property or anyone who accomplish for such

3.Any worker who hide, cease files deliberately to take in to his advantage, use

or cheat files (made foraged) or who take a submitted in others place or signature, who present wrong information, report to take it for its own advantage.

4.who lies, cease any once leave or to get leave for his, put a signature in country of his chief or anyone or similar crimes committed.

5 .Present wrong evidence, act of forgery/ someone who use someone academic certificate or work experience. And get promotion with it.

6.A worker who drive the factory truck with no permission, use the factory truck top his own use, who drive drunk and face an accident

7.Any worker who disseminate lies in between the employee and hurt the productivity of of the factory

8.A worker who write related to aggregation of strike of the employee for including slogans or use the office board for such unlawful activity

9.A worker who use a fuel from the factory vehicle's without the permission of the authority in to his use or others

10.A worker who do not inform the administration intentionally

11.When someone tries to abuse its power given by the work such as in filling production time controlling so on

12.Anyone who tries to take bribe

13.Any worker who tries to let at any production, equipment of the factory

14.Anyone who give its Id for another worker

15.Any worker who tries to trick the safe guards of the office

16.Any worker violated, fights with any of the workers

17.Any worker who had been guilty and incapable in his work intentionally

18.Any worker who attempt to make sex inside the fence of the factory

19.Anyone who tries to strike or activate illegally against the directive of the factory

20.Any worker who had been given a last warning and incapable in his work intentionally

21.Any worker who is absent from work for she/he had been in prison

22.Any worker who is un willing to take medical examination while it is necessary

23.Any worker who don't respect the safety and protection procedures and

24.Anyone who takes a file without the permission of his immediate boss or any on authorized

25.All other details in addition to this listed labor proclamation 377/96 article 27 will be terminated without warning

Article 53 Amendments on Penalty

1 The manager and his duty by their departure can penalize the worker whenever rules and procedures are broken, if any worker has asked to be amend the penalty taken on him in a written letter the manager and his duty can see it to be amended again.

53.2when the penalized worker has approve its conduct for consecutively six month She/he will be ceased from the black list it had been register and taken as a worker free from worst conducted

Article 54 Procedures of presenting claims

54.1Any worker has the right to present its claims orally or in written within 15 days if She/he has an appeal about the discipline penalty in private or in group to the labor union and the labor union see it again for the next seven (7) days. Besides, decisions shall be taken with in these days.

54.2If Any worker is dissatisfied by the decision given by the labor union She/he can present its appeal to the chief of the factory. The chief of the factory give its decision.

54.3The labor Union shall tries to solve the workers appeal by communicating with human resource and other departments to have timely decision.

54.4If the applicant or the labor union do not agree on the decision taken by the chief of the administration She/he can present it according to labor proclamation number 377/96 article 138/l/a-l,2,3 implies.

Article 55 Provident fund

55.1provident fund will be 10% from the factory and 6% from the workers, total 16%

55.2provident fund will be put in each worker account book. This can be change in to cheek in sex month but the company provident fund with in its interest put in bank with highest Interest. It's payment will be when a worker is leaven out

55.1When a worker terminated its work legally He/she can take it's provident money with its Interest accommodated in its book account Immediately.

55.2Provident fund collected c will be deposited in any of the Banks whom have higher interest and could change in to investment if the factory administration has proposed for higher benefit rather than to put as a deposit and worker can comment on this.

Article 56 Regarding committee establishment

56.1Establishment of Employment Committee

Establishment of Employment Committee is crucial in order to have scanning employee with active, open, justifiable way of employment.

The committee will lead in as follows:

1.Chief of Human Resource-----organizer.

And Administration

2.Someone Represented by-----member

Chief of the Administrator

3.Chief of personnel/not voting/


4.Labor Union-----Member

(Represent 2 people)

5.On the vacancies related-----Members Department Head

56.2The right and responsibility of the Hiring Committee

The Hiring (The committee that hire an employee assets and evaluated every of the document of scanning according to the qualifications criteria stated in the directive rules and procedures of the company.

56.2.1.The vacancies shall be based on the criteria that qualify efforts rules and procedures by the Applicant.

56.2.2.The necessary qualifications are

A.Written examination



D.Profile attach of the competent etc.

56.3Meeting Accomplishment

56.3.1Ina addition with the chair person, Employer Representative, from labour union representative at least one permanent representative is found in meeting can be accomplished.

56.3.2The committee that hires chairperson absence the committee post phone the situation of hiring. If the chairperson of Employer Hiring Committee will be absent the Meeting of the committee will be done by the represented person by deputy of the chairman of the factory.

56.3.3If the meeting is elongated due to meeting in accomplishment the chairman inform the management and to the deputy of the manager, so as to take a decision.

56.3.4.The hiring committee's decision shall be with majority vote where supportive vote conditions seem to be equal the situation or affair will be decided through the chairman's supportive idea.

56.4Regarding Hiring an Employee Decision

If the chief of the company is agreeing by the decision taken the employer will fill the required formality. However, if the chief of the company do not agree he/she can stake the reason and take the decision by his own.

56.4.1Chief of Hiring an Employee pronouncement is valid Hiring an Employee gives required forms to fill in order to be hired. If not, Chief of Hiring an Employee takes reason on the decision it's occupied.

56.4.2Accordingly to the decision taken the applicant name posted on the company list bard/Notice Board. If the Applicant has Address the Address shall be written.

56.4.3If it's necessary the Applicant profile can be studied by especially if the position of the Applicant is to be allocated at higher position the company chief can investigate and if necessary the chief can declined to be employed the applicant.

56.4.4The applicant shall justify that he/she is free from any crime from forensic office and clearance letter which will be submitted for the human resource department. Those whose rant are above department head shall be stated by management policy manual.

56.4.5The following points are icons of the employment letter

A.Position are rank of employment

B.Directive/service of work allocation of employment

C.Validity of employment

D.Amount of wage

E.Job description

F.Contract of agreement and important evidence

Article 57 Recording of this Agreement

57.1The factor will give this agreement paper for each worker to know their right and responsibilities to understood all according the directive curiously

Article 58 Legal effect of the Collective Agreement

58.1.This factory trade union agreement will not be applicable if it has any word that oppose to any to government policy and strategy.

Article 59 Regarding the non-stated faults result in this agreement this collective agreement when non stated fault results are found the factory shall determine fault results stated in this collective agreement or by considering the employer and employee proclamation no. 377/96 besides by as the case of the fault may be the committee can put a penalty according the related procedure.

Article 60 Effective Date

61.1.This collective agreement based on proclamation No. 377/96 article 133 number 3 alphabet A/B/C the trade union and the factory effective date to sign the contract starting date up to three (3) years will be applicable until its substituted or amended.

Article 61 Regarding the regular promotion and transferring committee

61.1.Regular promotion means a promotion from the lower rank to the upper position bridge of a worker. Regular promotion affects work allocation, position, responsibility done by competition on vacancies.

61.2.Based on this to make free and fair regular promotion and transferring committee has 5 members

A.Chief of Human Resource and Administration - Organizer

B.Someone represented by chief of Administration -Member

C.Chief of personnel/without any right to be vote/-secretary

D.Labor Union/represent 2 person/member

E.On the vacancies related department headmember

Article 62 Establishing discipline committee

62.1.In the worker discipline penalty shall be after correcting or consulting the worker according to the collective agreement and they shall be fair and balance to keep the worker justice.

62.2.The committee member

The total member of the committee are Five (5) members. They are

1.Human Resource Administration-----Chairperson

2.Representative of Trade Union-----2 members

3.Represented from management-----2 members

4.Assigned by the chief of the factory-----Non-voting

62.3.Discipline committee members who investigate the discipline faults and

make decision are established for 2 years.

62.4.The committee authority and duty

A.In relation to discipline cases where the mutual procedure agreement found complicated to take any action accordingly such situation will be referred to the committee and thus shall verify, investigate and render appropriate decision.

B.The committee merely supports a fault related with work.

C.Any committee members shall keep the investigation process /Secure/ hold it in secret.

D.Any affair presented to be investigated by the committee members shall be done and informed to the chief of the organization with in two weeks.

62.5.Quorum and voting

A.In addition committee chairperson, three members shall be present to the made a quorum.

B.The committee has no ordinary meeting. If the committee wants to have a meeting the chairman decided the time and place.

C.The committee decision is taken as accepted decision.

D.If both side have equal vote the chairman side wins

Article 63 Permanent Laws Agreement

63.1.If a random situation and circumstances are created but unstated in those statements of the Proclamation No. 377/96 it shall be first registered on in the collective agreement of the workers and then will be part of procedures include in the labor union and social affairs body whom concern and relate with the ministry.

63.2.By the Proclamation No. 377/96 exceptionally Article 138/2/ committee as stated in the directives, rules and procedures if the keep the interest of the worker this collective agreements cannot restricted it not to be

Article 64 Special discipline

64.1.Alemeda Textile Factory children keepers shall not allow to any work for any child, and shall take an oath to prepare a legal document against child molestations. Besides, anyone below 18 years old shall not allow to work in the factory.

Article 65 Regarding Fault results Discipline Measures presenting Appeal

65.1.Discipline measures shall be taken to correct the worker disappointment and revenge.

65.1.1.Before taking Correction measures the fault results of the worker weight as well as the actual causes of the fault does shall be tested.

65.1.2.If taking verbal warning is found right the worker shall sign that he/she has been given the verbal warning in special final .

65.1.3.except in taking verbal warning Any worker shall know the case and She/he shall sign on written after any penalty is taken.

65.1.4.A worker without this manual shall be Terminated from work if the factory administration has suspects that the worker will concealing data relating to employment accidents and circumstances in which they occur.

65.1.5.If any worker found transgressed the procedure of this manual and if it is considered his stay at his work place may cause for disappearance of information and other related damages and then until rendering the decision for the action by the committee he/she shall stay with paying monthly based salary in order to follow up the case.

65.1.6.If the worker is not the immediate cause to make the decision to be late he/she shall have to heard it's decision taken by the committee with in one month.

65.1.7.Disciple measures of workers will be taken according to the table of penalty provision

65.1.8 Each discipline taking measures shall be according to the table stated

65.1.9.If a worker on a notice is repeated another procedure of notice, the procedure of notice will be as fellow:

A.First Notice for 3 month

B.Second Notice for 6 month

C.Third Notice for a year (1 year)

65.1.10.If any worker has committed all the stated procedure of notice in once he/she will be under more severe penalties.

65.1.11.If any worker has been committing various faults but stay unknown for sometime, he/she will be penalized heavy penalty the time he/she is caught with adding it's former mistake.

65.1.12.If a worker had been committing / faults/ in its department and unknown till he/she change to other Department and commits additional fault their the penalty will be all over the faults.

65.1.13.When a good conducted worker do misconduct or fault by for example

for health sack, fear not to be Terminated, Impelled by chief, and if he/she regrets of the fault by application to the boss that will help him to have lesser penalty.

65.1.14.Unless the reason is beyond, the company shall give a response to the claims and appeals on time. If it don't it's taken as accepted by the company.

65.1.15.If any worker is accused of illegality, the discipline committee will

investigate its case will he/she has get a decision from the court.

65.2.Fault results and penalty previsions

65.2.1.Fault results are classified into three according the gravity of the case; that's in the first faults results termination without notice, second and third fault results termination without notice. For the second and third fault results termination without notices are stated in category one and two consecutively as fellow.

65.2.2.First actions of notice and measures up to termination

A.A worker who drive the factory truck with no permission, or use the truck to his own private affaires or who give to the third party.

B.A worker who made sex inside the fence of the factory

C.Any worker who attempts to assault, or others to strike

D.A worker who give information,

E.A worker who threat of physical force or with any act of insulting or humiliating which is clearly and officially unlawful.

F.takes away property from the work place without the express Authorization of the employer.

G.Using deceitful or fraudulent profile of academy or work experience employed or get promotion attempts.

H.A worker who employed with no clearance and who couldn't bring a clearance letter while ordered to bring a clearance letter.

I.Any worker who stick or lock out with no permission of the employer

Procedures of appeal /appeal/

• Anyone/Worker/ who have been penalized by his immediate chief or who present an appeal related to this work circumstance shall have to informed about its appeal within 15 days. If the worker is dissatisfied of the decision taken by his boss he/she can claim to human resource department. If the worker is dissatisfied still by the decision taken by the human resource department he/she can precede to claim to the manager in written. The decision given on the appeal by the manager of the factory shall be but final.

Category one

Second fault results and measures up to termination



Type of fault results

First fault result

Second fault


Violate, physical fights, and disturbance inside the factory

20% of wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Anyone who terriesed the customer of the factory using Weapon

20% of wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Anyone who's absent with the good cause for consequently four days

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Misappropriation of the property of fund of the employer with latent to procure for himself or to a third person undue enrichment;

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



A worker who sleep, intoxicated, use any drug in work area

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



A worker who use for commercial matter the house given from the factory

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



A worker who gamble inside the factory

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Anyone who rejected a letter order from the factory

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with




final written notice



Any worker who left the job with no replacement of his job to another

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Any worker who is irresponsible to the job assigned intentionally

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Anyone who do anything delinquency in before the customer

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Anyone who Drunk while driving

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



A worker who smoke cigarette in the restricted area

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Anyone who disseminate false information to harm the productivity of the factory, or post slogans or any illegal written things

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Anyone who disseminate written information, post catchphrases, watchword or any illegal written things

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Any worker who hide an information intentionally while the factory tools are under destruction and loss

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Anyone who use force to get in or out of place of work with no acquiescence

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Anyone who give to outside person of the factory

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Anyone worker who sells the factory property for work

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice



Any worker who could not bring a receipt and made no version on its receipt

20% of one month wage shall be liable to fine with final written notice




Category two

Third fault results and measures up to termination


Types of fault results

First Fault results

Second faylt results

Third fault results


A worker who delay the factory's work due to his ID is not renewal at a time

10 % of his wage and to renew the driving license within five days of will be liable to be fine with the first written notice

20% of his one month wage is liable with final written notice



A worker allocated on safe guard and absent

10 % of of his absent day and will be liable to be fine with the first written notice

20% of his one One month wage with final written notice



Anyone who use the company equipment in properly on who spoil a company materials

10 % of of his monthly wage and will be liable to be fine with the first written notice

20% of his one One month wage with final written notice



With no adequate reason a worker absent for consecutive three days

5% of of his absent day and will be liable to be fine with the first written notice

20% of his one One month wage with final written notice



Out of a weapon give to safe guard the company if a worker lost more than five bullets

10 % of of his absent day and will be liable to be fine with the first written notice

20% of his one One month wage with final written notice



Any worker who rejects its boss order related with the work

10 % of of his absent day and will be liable to be fine with the final written notice

20% of his one One month wage with final written notice



Anyone who allow someone who do not work in the company to spent the night their

10 % of of his absent day and will be liable to be fine with the final written notice

20% of his one One month wage with final written notice



Anyone who came/enter 15 minutes - 1:00 late to

1/4 of of his absent day and will be liable to be fine with the first written notice

20% of his one One month wage with final written notice



Anyone who over from its work place with no stated case

1/4 of of his absent day and will be liable to be fine with the first written notice

20% of his one One month wage with final written notice



Anyone who insult or humiliated any worker in work area

10 % of of his monthly wage and will be liable to be fine with the first written notice

20% of his one One month wage with final written notice



Bears Seven Signature


Adwa city administration of

Labor union relations affair office


Almeda Textile P.L.C.


Almeda Textile Labor union

ETH Almeda Textile - Adwa - 2014

Start date: → 2014-05-09
End date: → 2017-05-08
Name industry: → Manufacturing
Name industry: → Manufacture of textiles
Public/private sector: → In the private sector
Concluded by:
Name company: →  Almeda Textile - Adwa
Names trade unions: →  የአልመዳ ጨርቃጨርቅ የሠራተኛ ማህበር


Training programmes: → Yes
Apprenticeships: → Yes
Employer contributes to training fund for employees: → Yes


Maximum days for paid sickness leave: → 180 days
Provisions regarding return to work after long-term illness, e.g. cancer treatment: → No
Paid menstruation leave: → No
Pay in case of disability due to work accident: → Yes


Maternity paid leave: → 13 weeks
Maternity paid leave restricted to 100 % of basic wage
Job security after maternity leave: → No
Prohibition of discrimination related to maternity: → No
Prohibition to oblige pregnant or breastfeeding workers to perform dangerous or unhealthy work: → Yes
Workplace risk assessment on the safety and health of pregnant or nursing women: → No
Availability of alternatives to dangerous or unhealthy work for pregnant or breastfeeding workers: → No
Time off for prenatal medical examinations: → Yes
Prohibition of screening for pregnancy before regularising non-standard workers: → No
Prohibition of screening for pregnancy before promotion: → No
Facilities for nursing mothers: → Yes
Employer-provided childcare facilities: → No
Employer-subsidized childcare facilities: → No
Monetary tuition/subsidy for children's education: → No
Paternity paid leave: → 3 days
Leave duration in days in case of death of a relative: → 5 days


Equal pay for work of equal value: → No
Discrimination at work clauses: → Yes
Equal opportunities for promotion for women: → No
Equal opportunities for training and retraining for women: → No
Gender equality trade union officer at the workplace: → No
Clauses on sexual harassment at work: → No
Clauses on violence at work: → Yes
Special leave for workers subjected to domestic or intimate partner violence: → No
Support for women workers with disabilities: → No
Gender equality monitoring: → No


Trial period duration: → 45 days
Part-time workers excluded from any provision: → No
Provisions about temporary workers: → No
Apprentices excluded from any provision: → No
Minijobs/student jobs excluded from any provision: → No


Working hours per day: → 8.0
Working hours per week: → 48.0
Working days per week: → 6.0
Paid annual leave: → 20.0 days
Paid annual leave: →  weeks
Fixed days for paid annual leave: → 13.0 days
Rest period of at least one day per week agreed: → Yes
Paid leave for trade union activities: →  days
Provisions on flexible work arrangements: → No


Wages determined by means of pay scales: → No
Adjustment for rising costs of living: → 

Premium for overtime work

Premium for Sunday work

Premium for Sunday work: → 100 %

Meal vouchers

Meal vouchers provided: → Yes
Meal allowances provided: → No
Free legal assistance: → No