Work Injury Benefits

Disability / Work Injury Benefit

It covers persons employed in the private sector, local authorities, and parastatals. Work injuries are divided into four categories: (i) Temporary disability (ii) Partial disability (iii) Permanent disability (iv) fatal injury leading to death of a worker.






In the case of temporary disability, temporary disablement benefit at a rate of 100% of monthly covered earnings is paid for the first 30 days; thereafter, 51% of monthly earnings for total of 18 months.


A lump sum is paid if the insured has an partial degree of disability of 30% or less.


In the case of permanent incapacity/disability (over 30% disability), the insured worker's pension amount must be greater than US$30 a month to receive the pension. If the insured worker's pension is not greater than US$30 a month, a lump sum is paid. .


In the case of death of a worker, 66.7% of the deceased's pension is paid to a dependent widow(er) or dependent's allowance is paid to dependent parents, brothers, and sisters for the death of an unmarried worker. Also, child's supplement (paid till a child reaches the age of 19 years) at the rate of 12.5% of the insured's pension is paid to the first child; 5% each to the second to the fifth child. Survivors’ benefits also include funeral grant as determined by NSSA (min. US$200 ). Survivors' pension ceases on remarriage (for a widow/widower) and a lump-sum of 24 months' pension is paid. (ref :