Sick Leave


In accordance with the Labour Act 2005, if an employee is provided sick leave if sickness is preventing him/her from fulfilling the duties. A worker is entitled to sick leave for up to 6 months if he has a certificate from the qualified doctor. An employer may dismiss an employee if the employee is on sick leave for more than 6 months. Employer may provide paid sick leave during any one-year period of service as follows:

- 100% of wages during the first three months of sick leave;

- 50% of wages for further three months.


During sickness, an employee may avail accrued vacation leave instead of sick leave in half pay or without pay.


Source: §14 of the Labour Act 2005

Medical Care

The scheme pays all medical expenses related to the injury at work. It also includes provision of transport and artificial appliances. However, the payment of expenses such as drugs, hospitalisation and surgical procedures are made using the ruling Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) rates. 

Job Security

Employment of a worker is secure during the period of sick leave, i.e., six months.


Source: §14(4) of the Labour Act 2005

Regulations on Sick Leave

  • Labour Act, 2005
  • Accident Prevention and Workers' Compensation Scheme, 1990