Job Protection

No Harmful Work

There is no provision in the law which prohibits employers from giving such work to pregnant workers which is harmful to their health.

Protection from Dismissals

There is no specific provision in the law granting a worker protection from dismissals. However, it is implied from section 18(7) that right of protection from dismissals is guaranteed under the law.


Source: §18(7) of the Labour Act 2005

Right to Return to Same Position

During the period when a female employee is on maternity leave, her normal benefits and entitlements, including her rights to seniority or advancement and the accumulation of pension rights, shall continue uninterrupted in the manner in which they would have continued had she not gone on such leave, and her period of service shall not be considered as having been interrupted, reduced or broken by the exercise of her right to maternity leave. This gives a woman worker the right to return to same position after availing her maternity leave.


Source: §18(7) of the Labour Act 2005