Commuting and Work

Do you get travel expense reimbursement or commuting pay in Zimbabwe? Get more information about employee travel expense reimbursement, commuting compensation, allowable travel expenses etc. in Zimbabwe at Work



What is commuting time?

This is the time it takes you to go to, and get from, your place of work. There is no fixed commuting time. It depends on the nature of your job, your hours of work and when you start work which may be in the morning, afternoon or night.

Does one get paid for commuting time?

In Zimbabwe an employee is only paid a wage or salary for hours worked and not for time he/she spends commuting to and from work. However, some organisations pay a transport allowance to their low level staff and provide motor vehicles and fuel to managerial staff to enable them to commute to and from work. Other organisations provide actual transport for staff.

What if one works far from home?

You are only paid a transport allowance or offered actual transport by your employer to commute to and from work even if you work far from home.

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