Social Security

Pension Rights

For full pension, a worker must have attained 60 years of age (same for men and women) with at least 120 months (10 years) of contributions. The required age in 55 in case of arduous work. There is also an option of deferred pension where pension can be deferred till the age of 65 years.


The old-age pension is 1.33% of monthly earnings in the month before retirement multiplied by the number of years of contributions up to 30 years plus 1% of monthly covered earnings multiplied by the number of years of contributions exceeding 30 years. The minimum monthly pension is US$60 ().


Source: ISSA Country Profile

Dependents' / Survivors' Benefit

Pension Laws provide survivors' benefit to the dependents if the deceased received or was entitled to receive an old-age or disability pension. Eligible dependents include widow/widower, children younger than age 18 (age 25 if a student, no limit if permanently disabled), parents, and other dependents. If there is no widow(er), dependent children are paid through the legal guardian.


Survivors' benefit (for widow/widower and children) is 40% of the old age or disability pension a deceased worker received or was entitled to receive. If there are no surviving children, 12% of the deceased worker's pension is paid to the deceased worker's parents.


Source: ISSA Country Profile

Invalidity Benefit

Invalidity benefit is given in the case of non-occupational accident/injury/disease resulting into permanent invalidity. In order to avail invalidity benefit, a worker must be younger than 60 years, must be assessed with a permanent incapacity for work and have at least one year of contributions. The pension is 1% of the average annual earnings an employee received before the disability began multiplied by the number of years of contributions up to 10 years. For higher number of years, another formula with higher percentages is used.


Source: ISSA Country Profile for Zimbabwe 2013

Regulations on Social Security

  • Labour Act, 2005