Employment Security

Written Employment Particulars

Every employer, upon engagement of an employee, should provide him, in writing, the terms and conditions showing name and address of the employer, contract duration, probation terms, terms of employment , employee’s remuneration and its intervals, , benefits provided in sickness or pregnancy, hours of work and other bonus and incentives.


The employment contract that does not specify its duration and or date of termination is a contract concluded for an indefinite period. The duration and the date of termination are provided in case of casual work or seasonal work or for the performance of specific service.


Source: §12(2) of the Labour Act 2005

Fixed Term Contracts

Zimbabwe's Labour Act does not allow hiring fixed term contract workers for tasks of permanent nature.


Source: http://www.doingbusiness.org/data/exploretopics/labor-market-regulation#difficultyHiring

Probation Period

Labour Act, 2005 specifies maximum probationary period (single, non-renewable probationary period) as:

- One day in the case of casual work or seasonal work; or

- Three months in any other case 


Either party may terminate the employment contract by providing notice period of either one week in case of casual or seasonal work or two weeks in any other case.


Source: §12(5) of the Labour Act 2005

Regulations on Employment Security

  • Labour Act, 2005