Maternity and Work

Maternity Leave

Labour Relation Act provides maternity leave upon production of a medical certificate. Female employees are granted maternity leave for a period of 98 days on full pay. A female employee may proceed on maternity leave not earlier than the forty-fifth day and not later than the twenty-first day prior to the expected date of delivery.


Paid maternity leave is granted only once during any period of twenty-four months calculated from the day any previous maternity leave granted. Law also limits the number of times (to three only) when maternity leave can be availed by a worker while working with a specific employer.


Source: §18 of the Labour Act 2005


Maternity leave is awarded with full pay to the woman worker who must have served an enterprise for at least 12 months prior to availing the maternity leave.


Source: §18 of the Labour Act 2005

Free Medical Care

No statutory pregnancy related medical benefits are identified. A general health care program exists for low-paid workers to provide free primary health care. Rural areas are served by the Government and mission hospitals and urban areas are served by the government and private hospitals.


Source: ISSA Country Profile for Zimbabwe 2013

Regulations on Maternity and Work

  • Labour Act, 2005