Job Definition

  • assessing students' abilities and limitations with regard to intellectual, physical, social and emotional impairments, exceptional intellectual gifts, or other specific problems
  • designing or modifying curricula and preparing and delivering programmes, lessons and activities adapted to students’ abilities and needs
  • giving instruction on an individual or group basis using special techniques or aids appropriate to students’ needs
  • employing special educational strategies and techniques during instruction to improve the development of sensory- and perceptual-motor skills, language, cognition, and memory
  • establishing and enforcing rules for behaviour and policies and procedures to maintain order among students
  • teaching academic subjects, and practical and self-help skills to students with hearing, sight and other impairments
  • stimulating and developing students’ confidence interests, abilities, manual skills and coordination
  • conferring with other staff members to plan and schedule lessons for special needs students
  • preparing and maintaining student data and other records and submitting reports
  • administering various forms of assessment and evaluating progress of each student
  • conferring with students, parents, head teacher and other relevant professionals involved in the students’ care to develop individual educational plans designed to promote students' development

    Educational level

    • Unskilled