Sick Leave


In accordance with the Employment Act every worker is entitled to paid sick leave (sickness benefit) for up to 14 days per year, after completion of 2 months of service with an employer. In order to avail sickness benefits, worker must ensure the production of certificate of incapacity to work, signed by a qualified medical practitioner or a person acting on the practitioner's behalf who is in charge of a dispensary or medical aid centre.

Employer may provide fully paid sick leave for the first 07 days, and half wages are paid for the remaining 07 days. This full pay includes basic pay excluding deduction.

Source: § 30 of the Employment Act 2007

Medical Care

In accordance with the Employment Act, an employer has to ensure sufficient availability of proper medicines for a worker during illness and, if possible, medical attendance should also be provided during serious illness. The workers covered under the National Hospital Insurance Fund Act are entitled to medical benefits in the case of hospitalization and these include general medical care, specialist care, medicine, hospitalization, and transportation.

Source: § 34 of the Employment Act 2007

Job Security

According to the Employment Act 2007, an employer may not dismiss a worker during his/her period of sick leave, pregnancy or disability. Such a dismissal would be unfair.

Source: § 46 of the Employment Act 2007

Regulations on Sick Leave

  • Employment Act, 2007