Salary Check

Do you earn the correct salary in Kenya? How does it compare with our colleagues? Take our special Salary Check and make sure.


  • 12 September 2019 - Unable to save for their retirement, Kenyans are forced to work beyond their retirement age to avoid the risk of financial instability. This has created a problem for a generation of unemployed youth. Check the Minimum wage.
  • 9 September 2019Kenya's broad income gap has created a rift throughout the country. The government is slow in taking steps to close this gap,  hindering their ambitions of providing all citizens with a high quality of life in the next decadeCheck salaries.
  • 30 August 2019Kenya's inflation dropped to its lowest in recent months as the increase in food prices slowed down. Additionally, the value-added tax of 8% implemented on fuel products last year may soon be removed by the government to close the gap between the total inflation rate and rate of inflation of goods and services. Tell us your cost of living.