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Is a cover letter different from an application letter?

No. A cover letter is the same as an application letter. They have the same function, that of introducing you to a potential employer. Normally this is the first impression that you make on your potential employer. Hence a cover letter should show your best side! Make sure that you put emphasis on the skills, experience and qualifications that make you the most suitable candidate for the advertised job.

Is it a must to include a cover letter with a CV when applying?

Yes. Usually a cover letter is included as a formal introduction providing information that lists your skills, experience and knowledge. A cover letter is normally a gateway for your potential employer, leading to your CV which has more details about you. Hence it should be very captivating. Also you should make sure that the skills, experience and knowledge expressed in your cover letter match those included in the CV that will accompany the letter.

When is a cover letter sent?

A cover letter is always sent when a job application is made. Even though some adverts do not request it, it’s good practise to always include it when applying for a job.
In case you use a recruitment agency, you will also need to send a common cover letter. This letter should be very comprehensive, emphasising your skills, strengths and experience in order to reach many potential employers.

How do you send your cover letter?

When responding to a job advert, the best way to send the letter is by following the instructions given in the advert. With today’s technology email has become the most efficient and cheap way of sending application letters.

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