Take a “Mother’s Day” - it’s your right!

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By Meluse Kapatamoyo

As a woman, you are able to handle pressure emanating from your job and family life. But even being the “superwoman” that you are, taking a day off work to relieve that stress is vital.

To ensure you continue to function at your best, the Zambian law stipulates that every working woman is entitled to one day off work each month.  This day is referred to as “Mother’s Day”. Although not specific on the reasons why it was given, there is a silent belief that it was set up to accord a woman a day’s relief whilst having her monthly periods. But because there are no specifics, women can take this day off, either to just relax and recharge, or attend to urgent family issues. 

Whatever you choose to do on that day is your choice. The best part about it is that it’s your legal right and you can take it any day of the month.

But be considerate to your employer and take it when you have cleared all urgent work.

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