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Are young people allowed to work in factories?

Yes. Any young person who is 18 years or older and is eligible for employment can work in a factory, provided they are certified healthy and safe to work in that prescribed environment.

How is a young person’s health and safety determined in the workplace?

According to the Factories Act, where a labour inspector is of opinion that the employment of any young person in a factory is prejudicial or poses a risk to their health and safety, the inspector may serve a written notice on that person requiring that their employment in the factory be discontinued.

How long does it take after written notice is served?

If a written notice of discontinuation of work is served, the young worker whose health and safety are deemed to be at risk must stop work within seven days.

What happens if a young person continues to work?

The law says after the serving of the notice and if such a young person continues to work after the period specified in the notice, such a young person shall be guilty of an offence unless, after the service of the notice, such a young person has been examined by a medical practitioner and certified by such practitioner to be fit for employment in the factory or in the process or kind of work, as the case may be. 

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