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The Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) establishes legislation and monetary facilities that are aimed at promoting economic empowerment and gender equality.  Under the provisions of the CEEC’s Empowerment Fund, beneficiaries are treated equally. Male and females are treated based on their abilities and not on sex, race, ethnicity or religion.

The law also provides for female employees to be granted leave of absence from work without loss of pay to nurse their sick children.

The Law 

The law says, "A female employee shall be granted leave of absence without loss of pay to enable her to nurse her sick child who has been hospitalised, if due to the nature of the illness the child requires special attention: Provided that an employer may, before granting such leave, require the employee to produce a certificate from a medical institution recommending that the leave be granted. Those days taken as leave shall not be deducted from the employee's accrued leave days."

Legal Clinic

If you are a woman or mother and you feel you have been subjected to unfair treatment or dismissal as a result of nursing your ill child, report the matter to the Women’s Legal Clinic in Villa Elizabetha in Lusaka or Women in Law in Southern Africa, found in Olympia residential area of Lusaka.  Young adolescent women are encouraged to join trade unions. Trade unions will help you tackle all your work related matters.

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