Sick Leave


There is no clear provision in the Labour Act about paid sick leave and its length. It only says that sick leave certified by the medical practitioner is independent  of annual leave.

Sources: § 22 & 24 of the Labour Act 2003 (Act 651)

Medical Care

There is no mention in the labour act about the medical care however medical benefits are provided under the National Health Insurance Program.

Employers are required to pay the medical expenses in respect of the occupational injury.


Source: Schedule II under regulation 19 of the National Health Insurance Regulations 2004

Job Security

There is no provision in the above act that a worker's job is secure during the first 6 months of his/her illness. According to the Labour Act, an employer can't dismiss a worker during his/her period of sickness (only if it is temporary and for short period), pregnancy or disability.

Sources: § 63(2G) of the Labour Act 2003 (Act 651)

Regulations on Sick Leave

  • Labour Act, 2003