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When are students permitted to work, in terms of their education levels?

Students are permitted to work after completing schooling at the Basic/Junior High School level, Senior High School level and Tertiary Education level.

Do organisations have job placements for students who have completed schooling at every level of education?

Placements of prospective job applicants in an organisation usually depend on the job requirements of the respective organisation. However, students at any level of education can usually find a place within almost all employing organisations

What are the basic requirements for placement of graduates into employment?

Job applicants are normally required to apply for job positions for which they are qualified. They are also required to meet all the requirements and expectations of the job, in terms of experience and other job specifications and behaviours. They are also expected to submit an application letter together with their CV to the organisation requiring their services. When shortlisted, successful applicants may be required to undergo selection exercise like interviews, aptitude/intelligence tests and simulations among others.

Is there any arrangement where students at school can undertake industry attachment programmes?

Yes. Industrial attachment and student internship programmes are usually undertaken by various organisations as part of the academic requirements of the various training institutions, most especially polytechnics.

The various training institutions appoint Liaison Officers who liaise with the Ghana Employers’ Association and other organisations to facilitate internship programmes. Organisations in turn design structured and systematic industry training programmes to accommodate the interns.

Are there institutions that facilitate graduate employment in Ghana?

Yes. In Ghana, the following organisations facilitate the employment of graduates:

  • The Public Service Commission
  • The Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations
  • Public Employment centres
  • The National Service Secretariat
  • Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency
  • Fee-charging private employment agencies

What level of students are required to undertake National Service?

The National Service programme is undertaken only by students who graduate from the various tertiary institutions in the country, usually for one year.

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