Tasks and duties

  • Monitoring and examining animals to detect illness, injury, or disease, and to check physical condition
  • Carrying out some processing of animal products
  • Buying, bartering and selling animals and some products
  • Making tools, clothes and utensils for use by the household
  • Raising, tending, feeding and milking animals or draining blood from them
  • Breeding animals and helping with animal births
  • Cultivating pastures, or managing grazing lands, and monitoring feed and water supplies needed to maintain condition of livestock
  • Grooming and marking animals and shearing coats to collect hair or wool
  • Slaughtering and skinning animals and preparing them and their products for consumption or sale
  • Herding or leading livestock to pastures, grazing land and water supplies
  • Fetching water and gathering firewood
  • Building and maintaining houses and other shelters

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