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Tasks and duties

  • Planning and giving instructions for the lay out, depth and diameter of blast holes
  • Determining quantity and type of explosives to be used
  • Ensuring that workplace safety and explosives handling, storage and transport procedures and regulations are followed
  • Checking depth and cleanliness of blast holes
  • Covering charges, filling blast holes with rock dust, sand and other materials, and tamping material to compact charges
  • Ensuring that all explosives are detonated, and reporting and attending to misfires
  • Assembling, or directing other workers to assemble, primer charges using detonators and explosive cartridges, and attaching electrical wires, fuses and detonating cords to primers
  • Compiling and maintaining records about usage of explosives in compliance with laws and regulations
  • Connecting wires, fuses and detonator cords into series, testing electrical circuits and repairing malfunctions, and connecting series to blasting machines
  • Loading explosives into blast holes
  • Declaring blast areas safe before and after detonation of explosives

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