Job Protection

No Harmful Work

In accordance with Employment Regulations 2011, a pregnant woman is not allowed to be involved in hazardous or harmful work that is detrimental to her health. Regulations also require that an employer may give an expectant working mother any of the following options of flexible hours of work, lighter work load and alternative arrangements of work.

Source: §42 of the Employment Regulations 2011

Protection from Dismissals

It is illegal for an employer to dismiss a female worker due to her pregnancy.

Source: §75 of the Employment Act 2006

Right to Return to Same Position

A female worker has the right to return to same job/position or to a reasonably suitable alternative job on terms and conditions which would have applied if she had not been on maternity leave. Right to return to the same position is available within 8 weeks after the date of childbirth or miscarriage.

Source: §56 of the Employment Act 2006