Coronavirus crisis: What are your rights ?

The Coronavirus crisis poses challenges for both employers and employees. Our special latest survey is for workers on farms and in factories - find out exactly what COVID-19 is, what measures you can take, and how your workplace rates. Is it safe?

For workers:

For Flower Farms:

Salary Check

How much do your colleagues earn, and do you earn the same? Check your wages and see if they match up. Use the Salary Check.


19 May 2020 - The Bank of Uganda has estimated up to a 4% decrease in the country’s economic growth due to the Covid-19 outbreak. While many industry analysts are concerned about reconnecting their value chain post the lockdown, more than a million people fear losing jobs as approximately 50,000 jobs are predicted to be lost once the lockdown comes to an end. Meanwhile, the Cabinet and President Museveni are tackling this situation by adopting the “best economic stimulus” that awaits approval. In addition to this, the government has also intended to provide aid to struggling companies by purchasing their shares.  Complete the survey about work and life in Uganda during the Covid-19 pandemic

How Decent is my Flower Farm?

FUE and Industrial Service Providers Allied Workers' Union (UHISPAWU) have started  a project in the flower farm industry in Uganda. The focus is  on wages,  compliance with labour law and the quality of collective agreements. If you take the Uganda Flower Farm survey, you will contribute to improving conditions on flower farms in Uganda.