19th July, 2012

Hon. Minister of Education and Sports

Ministry of Education and Sports KAMPALA

I have been directed by the Rt. Hon 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Public Service to respond to your letter Ref: ADM/79/255/01 dated 13th July 2012.

This to inform you that since the meeting with UNATU held on 28th August 2011, the following has so far been undertaken on the issues that you raised in your letter concerning the Ministry of Public Service:

1. Salary enhancement for Teachers and payment of science teachers allowances

Government committed itself to address the issue of salary enhancement beginning FY 2012/2013 whereby the lowest paid Teacher would be increased by 15%, 20% and 15 % over the next three fiscal years and also enhance salaries for Science Teachers.

Consequently, in FY 2012/2013, the salaries for Teachers have been enhanced as follows:

Scale Percentage increase






With regard to enhancement of Science Teachers’ salaries, a-provision-of Ushs. 40bn was provided for salary enhancement for the Science Teachers in Universities, Post Primary and Tertiary Institutions. Consequently a 30% salary enhancement for Science Teachers will be effected.

2. Operationalisation of the Public Service (Negotiating, Consultative and Disputes Settlement Machinery) Act 2008.

2.1. Recognition of Labour Unions

Ten Labour Unions were gazetted and designated as Public Service Labour Unions. All the designated Labour Unions signed the Recognition Agreements on 22nd November 2011.

2.2. Appointment of Public Service Negotiating and Consultative Council

The Public Service Negotiating and Consultative Council was constituted and a Chairperson and Members appointed. Arrangements are underway to inaugurate the Council.

2.3. Appointment of Consultative Committees

Ministries and Local Governments have nominated and appointed Consultative Committees who will hear and offer conciliation services in labour disputes.

2.4. Job descriptions and person specifications for the post of Secretary/Public Service Tribunal

Job descriptions and person specifications for the post of Secretary/Public Service Tribunal have been developed and the financial requirements to fill the position have been provided for in Financial Year 2012/2013. A submission to Public Service Commission to fill the Post will soon be submitted.

2.5. Constitution of the Public Service Tribunal

Concurrence on modalities of appointment of Members of the Public Service Tribunal has been obtained from the Solicitor General and a Chairperson nominated by the Chief Justice. Other Members have also been identified to represent both Government and the Unions. Currently, a Cabinet Memorandum on appointment of Chairperson and Members of the Public Service Tribunal is being prepared and will soon be submitted to Cabinet for Approval.

3. Payment of Hardship Allowance

Government has continued to effect a 30% payment of Hardship Allowance to all Public Officers who work in designated Hard to Reach areas. The payment of Hardship Allowance does not apply to Public Officers working in Town Councils and Districts Headquarters as this would negate the objectives of the intervention. At the "moment, all the Teachers in the designated Hard to Reach areas are beneficiaries allowance.

4. Gazetting of the Teachers day 5th October as a public Holiday

As you may note, various professions have designated days for celebrations. Therefore, gazetting Teachers’ day as a public holiday may set a precedence which is not sustainable as other professions may demand for the same. Therefore, whereas Government may recognize the Teachers day, it does not necessarily have to be a public holiday.

5. Unexplained deletions of Teachers from the payroll

A Forensic Audit of Government Salaries and Wages which was conducted between November 2011 and May 2012 by the Auditor General, revealed cases of invalid records i.e. the dead, staff who abandoned duty and their names were still on the pay roll and duplicate records. Based on the report and in order to clean the payroll, these records were deleted. However, the Ministry of Public Service is undertaking a case by case analysis of the records for Teachers and any Teacher who may have been deleted erroneously, will be reinstated and arrears paid.

Adan K. Muwanga (Mrs)

For: Permanent Secretary

Cc: Hon. Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Hon. Minister of Local Government All Hon. Ministers of States for Education and Sports Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Sports Permanent Secretary/Secretary to Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government Chairperson, UNATU

Consultative Meeting with the Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU) Executive - 2012

Start date: → Not specified
End date: → Not specified
Name industry: → Education, research
Name industry: → Educational support activities
Public/private sector: → In the public sector
Concluded by:
Name company: →  Ugandan Government (UG)
Names trade unions: →  UNATU - Uganda National Teachers′ Union


Wages determined by means of pay scales: → No
Adjustment for rising costs of living: → 0

Wage increase

Wage increase: → 15.0 %

Premium for hardship work

Premium for hardship work: → 30% of basic wage

Meal vouchers

Meal allowances provided: → No
Free legal assistance: →