FINANCIAL YEAR - 2014/2015 (FY15) AND 2015/2016 (FY 16)


1.1 Memorandum of Agreement

This Memorandum of Agreement of Terms and Conditions of Service is between Uganda Breweries Limited (hereinafter called the Company) and the Uganda Beverage, Tobacco and Allied Workers Union (hereinafter called the Union) and shall be applicable to all permanent Unionsable employees. This agreement was made on 1st August 2014 and is to be effective from 1st July 2014.

1.2 Duration of Agreement

This agreement shall regardless of the date of signature hereof be deemed to have commenced on 1st July 2014 unless where otherwise specified, and shall remain in force for a period of Two (2) years from the date thereof.

Notice of thirty (30) days shall be given by either party to the other in writing of its desire for this agreement to continue in force for a further period or of its intention to terminate the agreement or to amend any clause in this agreement. Such notice will be given after six (6) months have expired from the date this agreement comes into force.

Where the parties do not conclude negotiations for renewal of this agreement before its expiry, the present agreement shall continue in force until the negotiations are finalized.


2.1 Medical examination

As part of the compliance requirement of Public Health and Safety; each recruit for employment shall be required to undergo a medical examination conducted by a doctor appointed by the Company to determine medical fitness for employment prior to being effectively employed.

2.2 Eligibility

Employees from grade 7D to grade 7A are fully covered by the terms and conditions of this CBA. The same applies to the 6B roles (optional) that appear in the F12/F13 CBA Appendix II

2.3 Probationary period

The probationary period for all unionized employees shall be three (3) months with exception of those who have been in the company as contract employees. This period may be extended at the Company's discretion after assessing the performance of the employee concerned at the end or during the probation period.

The line manager and Union shall be informed of the extension of probation and full circumstances underlying the extension period.

During such probationary period the Company or employee may dispense/terminate their services/employment of the recruit by giving him/her a 14 days' notice or pay in lieu.

2.4 Payments

All employee payments shall be made via the payroll and shall conform to the legal/tax requirements of Uganda Revenue Authority; only in exceptional situations where reimbursements are due and where staffs have to travel, such money may be advanced to the employees through the creditors' team in finance.

2.5 Variation

Management may vary the employment status of any employee by notification of such changes in line with the Group Policy and Employment Act. Union employees will be notified of any changes through the Union leadership in accordance with this CBA.

2.6 Hours of Work

The basic hours of work shall be one hundred eighty (180) hours per month translating into forty five hours (45) per week. The company will, where possible and practicable considering the work requirements, make arrangements for the forty five (45) hours to be covered between Monday and Friday.

Normally, for the general shift workers in the brewery, the standard working week exclusive of meal times and tea breaks shall be eight (8) consecutive hours per day from Mondays to Fridays (8am — 5pm). Saturday and Sunday remain special days. However, to encourage flexibility in working hours, general shift workers may be called upon to work beyond the recommended 8 hours per day. Any hours worked above the recommended one hundred eighty hours (180) per month the employee will earn normal overtime.

For shift workers the standard working week inclusive of meal times and tea/coffee breaks shall be twelve (12) consecutive hours of work every 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. Saturday and Sunday are treated as normal working days.

For the 12-hour shift system the following arrangements will apply 3 Crew x 12 hr shift system.

Shift patterns including number of working days in the week will change from time to time to reflect production seasonality as will be agreed between management and union.

Any pattern change in future will be discussed and agreed on between the management and Union.

Shift changeover to be at 7.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m.

Shift workers on off-days to be available when called upon for training and/or for emergencies.

The mode of employee's attendance recording agreeable by both parties is mandatory for all employees.

2.7 Meal breaks

Tea/coffee will be served between 8.00 a.m. & 9.30 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m.

Lunch will be served between 12.45 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. The night shift will have tea/coffee served between 12.00 a.m. and 1.00 a.m. and then between 4.00 a.m. and 5.00 a.m. Supper shall be served between 9.00 p.m. and 11.00 p.m. scheduling to allow for a 1 hour rest for meals normally 30 min for lunch & supper & 15 min tea/coffee break for each individual.

Tea/Coffee served between 8.00a.m and 9.30a.m will be accompanied with bread. Other accompaniments (costing the same price as bread) will be served at least twice a week.

Meals and coffee/tea breaks shall be considered as working time to ensure flexibility; as such the company shall pay for these breaks.

2.8 Overtime

The Company shall have the right to call upon employees to perform work in excess of the normal working hours provided reasonable notice is given where practicable.

The company shall pay a fixed consolidated overtime of UGX 310,000 (Three hundred and ten thousand shillings) to employees in grades 7a - 7d. This shall be added onto (and shall constitute part of) an employee's monthly basic salary.

On special days and gazette public holidays, the Company shall pay employees overtime equal to two (2) times their basic rate of pay

2.9 Union check off

Every employee covered by this Agreement who is therefore a member of the Union shall pay such union dues as shall be indicated by the union and the Company shall deduct the dues, from Salaries/wages.

2.10 Annual bonus

Any bonus payment and other incentives which may, from time to time, be awarded is given at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors and do not constitute any form of agreement between the Company and the Union. The Union staff will be informed of such awards like any other staff.

2.11 Mission Incentive and other Award Incentives

When the company achieves Mission as set out every financial year, the company may at its discretion pay out a Mission Incentive as stipulated during the launch. For any non-cash benefits, the tax element shall be structured in a way that the amount shall not affect the employee's payout.


3.1 Wages/Salaries/Allowances

The Company shall pay the employees their wages or salaries and make any authorized deductions at the end of each calendar month at not less than the appropriate rates for the jobs

performed as set out in the Wages/Salaries Schedule in Appendix 1, which forms part of this agreement.

New employees recruited after 1st July 2014 shall be paid at the prevailing entry grade rates.

All allowances/benefits that are pecuniary in nature and overtime worked shall be added to the employees' monthly earnings.

The company will pay salaries as defined in Appendix 1 with effect from 1st July 2014 to all grades.

The company will pay a salary increase of 8% on Basic Pay for F15 and a further increase of 8% on Basic pay in F16.

The company shall pay a mid-month salary advance of Two hundred Thousand Uganda Shillings (Ugx 200,000 taxable) by the 7th of every month as part of employees' monthly salary.

3.2 Service Increment

The company shall pay/give a shift slide scale of 2% to all grades effective 1st July 2014 All employees that will join the business, or who will be promoted from one grade to another after 30 June 2014, will be given a salary equal to the entry point of their (new) salary grade

The company shall give a further service increase of 2% in F16 to all employees who will have joined the Company before 1st July 2015.

3.3 Shift Allowance

Employees scheduled to work on the 12 hour shift shall be paid a shift allowance.

In F15 all unionizable employees will be paid a shift allowance of one hundred and forty thousand shillings (UGX. 140,000) only per month.

In F16 all unionizable employees will be paid a shift allowance of one hundred and sixty thousand shillings (UGX. 160,000) only per month.

3.4 Leave travelling

Employees proceeding for annual leave shall be paid Uganda Shillings seven hundred and fifty thousand (750,000 taxable) from 1ST July 2014 (FY15) and eight hundred and two thousand five hundred shillings (802,500 Taxable) with effect from 1st July 2015 (FY16).

For purposes of this payment, all such leave shall be taken in full-30 days.

3.5 Lunch allowance

Employees who execute their duties out of their duty stations during the day shall be paid thirty thousand Uganda shillings only (30,000) per day for FY 15 and FY16.

3.6 Acting allowance

All issues pertaining to acting in a role other than their own role shall be valid after an employee takes over the role for a period exceeding one (1) week and shall be defined in the letter of appointment into acting capacity that will be issued before one starts acting.

If an employee acts/relieves upwards into a position on a grade higher than theirs, he/she will be paid only an acting allowance equal to the difference between his or her basic salary and the entry level salary of the grade in which that acting position lies. Such an allowance will be payment in lieu of any other benefits the Union member would ordinarily be entitled to in the course of such (acting position) assignment. The other benefits accruing from the original role/position shall, however continue to apply.

If an employee acts in a position for two (2) months, he/she shall cease to act in such a position and the position will be advertised as per the company policy.


4.1 Promotion

As per Company recruitment policy, all vacancies shall be filled according to the company's recruitment policy. Staff with the requisite skills and training shall be invited to apply. The payments for such positions shall be defined within the Company and CBA reward framework. Promotions shall be at management's discretion and reward will be based on performance, capability and salary bands.

4.2 Trainings

UBL policy is to develop content and materials for Training through its investment in intranet infrastructure (Diageo Academy). All employees shall endeavor to complete such trainings as required and are beneficial to them. Social wellbeing and/or training shall be identified by the relevant offices and service providers shall be sourced by the Human Resource office.

4.3 Company Sponsorship

The UBL Education policy defines the framework under which an employee shall receive educaton assistance. Such policy guidance can be accessed on the EABL intranet.

4.4 Recognition Reward Scheme

Reward and Recognition is governed by the company framework that spells out such awards that are functional and perfect. UBL management shall afford afford such employees that merit recognition, the relevant mementoes and incentives.

4.5 Long Service Award

The company shall award a certificate of recognition to employees who will have served the business consecutively and completed 5yrs, 10yrs, 15yrs, 20yrs, 30yrs, 35yrs and etc.

All employees in the above categories will be entitled to a certicate of recognition.

Such employees in the different categories will be entitled to:

5 0 0
10 20 5
15 25 10
20 30 15
25 35 20
30 40 25
35 45 40

4.6 Welfare committee

There shall be a welfare committee to address matters relating to welfare of union staff as defined in the CBA. The committee shall however contribute to the activities of welfare policies e-g. organizing events etc.


5-1 Night (Safari)

Employees travelling and spending the night away from their stations of duty on official duties shall be paid Ugandas shillings two hundred thousands shillings (UGX 200,000 net) only per night.

This will cover all expenses and accountability shall be required.

5-2 Travels within East Africa

Employees travelling outside Uganda but within East Africa on official duties shall be paid USD 150 only per night for all grades. However, there shall be an out of pocket allowance of USD 40 out of the USD 150, not to be accounted for. Accountability shall be required as per the T&E Policy for other monies advanced.

5.3 Travels outside East Africa

Employees traveling outside East Africa on official duties shall be paid at Management discretion depending on destination and nature of assignment. An out of pocket allowance of USD 40 will be paid per night and accountability shall be required for all other monies advanced.

5.4 Safari Allowance for Assignees/Temporary transfer

transfers are management's discretion and for the primary purposes of business performance with consideration for developing capability.

All transfers outside Uganda shall be governed by the relevant Policy and procedures stipulating accommodation; maintenance allowance; travel and other immigration requirements.

5.5 Settling allowance

If an employee is permanently transferred to a new station or back to Head Quarters he/she shall be given an additional Allowance as follows:-

1. Where there is no Company House, one shall be given a Housing allowance for three months

2. Where there is a Company House, one shall be given the equivalent of Housing allowance for one month

3. Transport shall be provided for the family and property

In case of permanent transfer, where an employee is expected to leave in any other East African country, an allowance as defined in transfer/Global Mobility Policy will be paid.


6.1 Annual Leave

The Company policy defines in details the leave entitlements and segmentation. Due care has been taken to ensure that the labor laws are adhered to. Examination Leave shall be provided to approved training/schooling program sponsored by the company in agreement with the Line manager. Study leave is part of the annual leave. However exam days for Approved Courses shall not be part of annual leave. The other provisions of leave are provided for in the Company Leave policy.

All employees shall after each completed year of service, proceed on leave of thirty (30) calendar days. As far as possible, employees will be granted leave on the due date which is

normally the anniversary date of their engagements, and the Company will arrange leave rosters accordingly.

In the case of termination of service, if an employee has leave balance due to him/her, such an employee shall be paid in lieu based on 100% basic monthly salary.

Leave travelling allowance shall be paid not later than the 7TH day of the month an employee goes on leave.

Employees and/or the company may not carry forward leave days from one fiscal year into the next unless deferred in writing. However in the event that the company or employee is deferring leave, it must be taken within the first three (3) months of the next fiscal year.

Leave Allowance shall not be accumulated from year to year and proportionate Leave allowance shall not be paid to any such employee.


The HIV/AIDS Company policy will cover all unionisable employees as defined in the Medical policy.

6.3 Maternity Leave

All female employees shall be granted three months of paid maternity leave.

A female employee whose pregnancy is terminated by miscarriage shall be granted the same leave she would have been entitled to in the event of delivery of the child. For purposes of this clause, miscarriage shall mean termination of a pregnancy after 28 weeks. In the event of an abortion (loss of a pregnancy before 28 weeks), the Company may at its discretion grant compassionate leave to an employee provided, always that no employee, shall be entitled to any leave of absence if the termination of the pregnancy is as a result of a willful act of the employee which violates Uganda's law on abortion.

Additional leave without pay may be granted on request at the discretion of the Company provided;

• The employee, however, must produce a Medical Certificate signed by an approved Medical Practitioner and indicating the period of the confinement.

6.4 Paternity Leave

A male employee shall be granted two (2) weeks of paid paternity leave. Compassionate leave may be given at discretion of management to any male employee to attend to a spouse who has undergone a miscarriage.

6.5 Compassionate Leave

Granting of leave of absence other than annual, maternity, paternity, sick leave is at the sole discretion of the Company. Such leave may be granted on terms the company shall determine at its absolute discretion.

6.6 Study Leave

An employee shall be entitled to not more than 16 days in a financial year for study leave. Study leave shall be applicable to candidates pursuing both internally organized courses Eg IBD, KROMES, etc. and externally arranged courses e.g. Certificate, OD, HD, Bachelors, Masters etc.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, if an employee has been admitted for study in an overseas institution, relevant policy guidelines in Human Resources manual shall apply.

6.7 Sick Leave

Any absence from work due to illness shall be permitted without loss of pay; provided an employee has been absent due to sickness for not more than three (3) working day. In any such circumstances where such an employee is absent due to illness for more than 3 working days, he/she shall be required to produce a medical certificates signed by the company clinic/dispensary or a recognized medical officier/personal certifying the employee was unfit for duty during the period of absence.

A phone call is a formal requirement to inform Management of the sickness to enable replacement to be appointed in ample time.

In the event of absence from work due to illness not caused by the employee's fault or neglect, and subject to a medical certificate issued by a recognized medical officer, the following sick leave may be granted once a year.

• Up to three (3) months' illness, the employee will receive full pay.

• Beyong three (3) months' but less than six (6) months of illness, the employee will receive 3/4 of full monthly pay.

However, an employee will not be allowed to return to work untill he/she has presented a cerificate of clearance signed by the approved medical authority who recommended leave of absence

Any payment beyond the specified times shown above shall be at the sole discretion of the company.


7.1 Committees

The union shall be represented on the Occupational Health & Safety Committee and on the Uniform Committee by two members who will be eligible to contributing to decision making during the committees' deliberations

7.2 Protective

Safety shoes and Gumboots shall be provided in relevant areas to each employee at least twice replacement.

The Company shall provide a conducive changing room installed with secure lockers where personal protective equipment will be kept.

The Union shall represent the users in selecting the most appropriate PPEs, from the samples provided in advance by prospective suppliers. The best/preferred sample will be kept.

7.3 Uniforms

Where uniforms are provided, they shall be issued as and when required, but not less than twice 9 year.

The mandatory PPE'S (uniforms, safety shoes and boots) are to be issued at once at the beginning of a financial year.

Where an employee loses any of their protective gear due to own negligence; such shall be replaced at the cost of such an employee.

Three bars (3) of soap shall be provided every month to employees with Company uniforms. Protective wear shall be provided and it will be an offence not to wear them when required.

7.4 Identity cards.

The Company shall provide identity cards to all its employees and each employee will be required to wear the identity card while on Company premises. Should an employee lose an identity card, the company shall replace it at the employee's own cost. This expense may be defrayed from the employee's salary. This provision shall with necessary modifications apply to clauses 8.2 and 8.3 above.

7.5 Accident/Incident handling procedure

Every reasonable effort shall be made by the company to reduce accident rate, environmental preservation and good housekeeping.

All safety incidents and accidents shall be handled as defined in the Group/Company Health safety policy.


The company shall fully provide medical cover to each employee, registered spouse and a maximum of six (6) registered children on a scheme to be specifcally tailored by management for unionized staff.

Dependents under the scheme will not exceed the age of 21 years, unless attending full time education at registered institutions, where the maximum will be the age of 25 years.

Cost of medical insurance for eligible dependents living abroad will be met by the company.

The company's policy on medical cover shall with necessary modifications, apply hereto.


9.1 Alcohol Dependency

As part of our commitment to ensure that all staff work in a safe environment, all employees are prohibited from entering company premises under the influence of alcohol. Any employee in breach of the foregoing shall be in breach of company policy. The relevant sanctions and penalties as defined in the employee alcohol policy shall apply.

Without prejudice to the above; any employees who shall be identified to have an alcohol dependency problem; shall be rehabilitated as defined under the company medical policy. The Union leadership shall closely monitor and volunteer such information as can be useful stemming any alcohol dependency syndrome.


10.1 Bank Loans

Bank loans are an individual undertaking with the bank; the company shall issue referral letter to such employees. All employees shall at all times not commit more than 40% of their net income to debt.

10.2 Building materials

The Company through the Hardware World and CTM or their franchises shall negotiate and sign

memorandum of understanding for purposes of helping employees to access these materials on credit.

Provided that:

1. The employee tells the Company in writing of such a need for intervention

2. The employee intends to use such materials for their homestead construction.

3. The Company, the employee, the Union representative and the building materials' service provider will have agreed on the modalities of recovering the money from the employee

4. The union leadership will validate and authenticate the existence of the employee's land on which the homestead is to be built and the proof of authentication provided to HR in writing

5.The employee will be required to deposit postdated cheques onto the service provider's account as guarantee

If the employee defaults on payment this will result into a disciplinary hearing where a penalty will be decided.

10.4 Disposing off of used company items/properties

Should the company intend to dispose of any company items/property by way of auctioning or for free, the company shall g,ve employees the first priority (primary opportunity) to compete in that process; after which competition will be open to third parties or non-employees.


11.1 Notice period

Save for termination as a result of disciplinary proceedings, employees who have completed their probationary period and have been confirmed in their jobs shall be given one (1) month notice or payment in lieu of such notice.

Employees wishing to resign from the service of the company shall give a one (1) months' notice of their intention or forfeit one months' pay in lieu of notice.

11.2 Termination

Termination of employment, other than on grounds of retirement in general (on age grounds, medical grounds, voluntary, and death), redundancy, resignation and summary dismissal, shall be governed by section 65 of the employment act 2006 and the applicable disciplinary code of conduct of the company.

11.3 Redundancy

Should it become necessary for the employer to dispense of service (s) of its employees for reasons of redundancy, there shall be no consideration of either membership or non- membership of the union.

For the purpose of this clause redundancy shall mean loss of employment, occupation, job or career by involuntary means through no fault of an employee involving termination of employment at the initiative of the employer where the services of an employee are superfluous. Such referred jobs disappear with no immediate replacement.

The Company shall give three months' (3) months' notice of this intention or payment in lieu of such notice.

When any major redundancy situations arise, the Company shall discuss with the Union the problems involved, selection procedure, self-retirement acceptance, alternative employment offers and giving of company recommendations.

Major redundancy is defined as that affecting more than three (3) employees at the same time and in the same place of work.

In the event of termination of service of an employee through reasons of redundancy the following payments shall be made.

Payment Type PERIOD
Year 1 (F15) Year 2(F16)
1 Lieu of Notice 3 month package of current Basic pay 3 month package of current Basic pay
2 Redundancy/Retrenchment Package Current Basic pay times Years completed in service Current Basic pay times Years completed in service
3 Transport back home Shs. 5500 per kilometers Shs 5885 per kilometers
4 Shared save option contribution.
5 Severance payments
6 Refund of contributions and interest earned to the Retirement Benefits Scheme (RBS)
7 Certificate of service
8 Extension of membership on medical scheme for the employee, spouse and all registered dependants for three months after leaving the Company or up to the end of medical service provider(s) contract; whichever is longer.

11.4 Retirement benefits

An employee may retire or be retired by the Company where such an employee has attained the age of fifty (50) years or where such an employee has been declared medically unfit to perform his duties. Age determination shall be as per NSSF records/HR advice and ability to be productive as may be assessed by the company and Union.

An employee may also retire or be retired after serving the company for 20 years continuously. Where an employee is retired as above the following retirement benefits shall apply:

Payment Type PERIOD
Year 1 (F15) Year 2(F16)
1 Lieu of Notice 3 month package of current Basic pay 3 month package of current Basic pay
2 Retirement Package Current Basic pay times Years completed in service Current Basic pay times Years completed in service
3 Iron sheets(Gauge 28,10ft) 50 sheets 50 sheets
4 Cement 40 bags 40 bags
5 Transport back home Shs. 5500 per kilometer Shs. 5885 per kilometer
6 Shared save option contribution.
7 Severance payments
8 Own and company contributions to the provident fund
9 Certificate of service/ recognition
10 Payment in lieu of any outstanding leave days based on 100% of the monthly salary.
11 11Extension of membership on medical scheme for the employee, spouse and all registered dependants for three months after leaving the Company or up to the end of medical service provider(s) contract, whichever is longer.

11.5 Voluntary Retirement Benefits

An employee may opt to retire voluntarily after serving the company for 15 years continuously IN this case, the employee shall get 50% of the benefits enjoyed by employees retiring on attaining the age of 50 years as per clause 11.4.

In addition, such employees shall be entitled to:

1. Full transport back home @ Ushs. 5500 per KM for F15 and Ushs. 5885 per KM for F16

2. Shared save option contribution.

3. Payment in lieu of any outstanding leave days based on 100% of the monthly salary

4. Own and company contributions to the provident fund.

5. Certificate of service/RECOGNTION.

11.6 Death benefits

When an employee dies, the Company shall provide the following;

1. Benefits amounting to 5 times annual consolidated salary as per the workman's compensation Act

2. Uganda shillings one million (Ugx.1,000,000/=) to the family only to cover all expenses

3. Transport for the body to the burial place ( use funeral service scheme)

4. Transport and facilitate 10 staff to attend the burial

5. The insurance company shall be mandated to treat and preserve the body

6. Refund for funeral expenses of Uganda shillings two hundred fifty thousand (250,00) only from AON Insurance Company

Owing to internal requisitioning policies, it is understood that this money may not be availed before the funeral.

11.7 Severance Allowances

The employer shall pay severance allowance when an employee terminates his or her contract because of physical incapacity not occasioned by his own serious and wilful misconduct through the company insurance policy scheme as;

Other Workman's Compensation Act benefits such as;

1. Fifty (50) Iron sheets (Gauge 28 and 10ft long)

2. Forty (40) bags of cement

3. Certificate of service/ recognition

4. Transport back home @ Ushs. 5500 per KM for F15 and Ushs. 5885 per KM for F16 11.8 Retirement Benefits Scheme (RBS)

11.8 Retirement Benefits Scheme (RBS)

Upon confirmation, all employees shall be eligible to the company's contributory retirement benefits as defined in the trust deed.

Dated: 1st August 2014

UGA Uganda Breweries Ltd - 2014

Start date: → 2014-07-01
End date: → 2016-06-30
Ratified by: → Other
Ratified on: → 2014-08-01
Name industry: → Manufacturing
Name industry: → Manufacture of beverages
Public/private sector: → In the private sector
Concluded by:
Name company: →  Uganda Breweries Ltd
Names trade unions: →  Uganda Beverages, Tobacco and Allied Workers′ Union


Training programmes: → Yes
Apprenticeships: → No
Employer contributes to training fund for employees: → No


Maximum for sickness pay (for 6 months): → 88 %
Maximum days for paid sickness leave: → 180 days
Provisions regarding return to work after long-term illness, e.g. cancer treatment: → Yes
Paid menstruation leave: → No
Pay in case of disability due to work accident: → Yes


Maternity paid leave: → 13 weeks
Maternity paid leave restricted to 100 % of basic wage
Job security after maternity leave: → No
Prohibition of discrimination related to maternity: → No
Prohibition to oblige pregnant or breastfeeding workers to perform dangerous or unhealthy work: → 
Workplace risk assessment on the safety and health of pregnant or nursing women: → 
Availability of alternatives to dangerous or unhealthy work for pregnant or breastfeeding workers: → 
Time off for prenatal medical examinations: → 
Prohibition of screening for pregnancy before regularising non-standard workers: → 
Prohibition of screening for pregnancy before promotion: → 
Facilities for nursing mothers: → No
Employer-provided childcare facilities: → No
Employer-subsidized childcare facilities: → No
Monetary tuition/subsidy for children's education: → No
Paid leave per year in case of caring for relatives: → Insufficient data days
Paternity paid leave: → 14 days


Trial period duration: → 90 days
Part-time workers excluded from any provision: → No
Provisions about temporary workers: → No
Apprentices excluded from any provision: → No
Minijobs/student jobs excluded from any provision: → No


Working hours per week: → 45.0
Working hours per week: → 180.0
Working days per week: → 5.0
Paid annual leave: → 22.0 days
Paid annual leave: → 4.0 weeks
Provisions on flexible work arrangements: → Yes


Wages determined by means of pay scales: → No
Adjustment for rising costs of living: → 

Wage increase

Wage increase: → 8.0 %

Once only extra payment

Once only extra payment due to company performance: → Yes

Premium for overtime work

Premium for overtime work: → UGX 310000.0 per hour overtime

Allowance for seniority

Allowance for seniority after: → 10 years of service

Meal vouchers

Meal allowances provided: → No
Free legal assistance: → No