• operating and monitoring machinery used to restrain, stun, slaughter animals and trim carcasses into standard meat and fish cuts
  • setting, operating and attending machinery and ovens to mix, bake and otherwise prepare bread and flour confectionery products
  • operating machinery to crush, mix, malt, cook and ferment grains and fruits to produce beer, wines, malt liquors, vinegar, yeast and related products
  • attending equipment to make jam, toffee, cheese, processed cheese, margarine, syrup, ice, pasta, ice-cream, sausages, chocolate, maize starch, edible fats and dextrin
  • operating equipment to cool, heat, dry, roast, blanch, pasteurize, smoke, sterilize, freeze, evaporate and concentrate foodstuffs and liquids used in food processing
  • mixing, pulping, grinding, blending and separating foodstuffs and liquids with appropriate equipment
  • processing tobacco leaves by machine to make cigarettes, cigars, pipe and other tobacco products

    Educational level

    • Skilled