Social Security

Pension Rights

Both men and women are entitled to a pension from the age of 65 onward. To claim pension, the person in question must have a valid national identity card. For old-age benefits, 330 pula is paid per month. That being said, the benefits are to be adjusted periodically due to changes in cost of living. The entire source of fund is from the Government.

Source: Botswana Social Security Profile 2017

Dependents' / Survivors' Benefit

For Universal pension, the source of which is the government, there are survivor benefits for War Veteran’s allowance and Orphan Care benefit. Under War Veteran’s allowance, 450 pula a month is paid to the widow or orphan of a deceased veteran of World War I and II. The widow’s allowance will cease upon her remarriage.

There is also an orphan care benefit where an electronic food voucher of 650 pula is paid to the orphan’s guardian. In addition, the cost of school uniforms, subsidies for transportation, clothing and rent, support for special dispensation for tertiary education and support for additional education needs, is also paid.

Source: §14 of the Workers Compensation Act; Botswana Social Security Profile 2017 

Invalidity Benefit

For Disability Allowance under Universal Pension, the entire source of funds is the Government. It is paid to individuals who have severe disabilities. However, to qualify for such an allowance, the individual claiming it must have an allowance below 120 pula or 150 pula if they have dependents, and less than four livestock units. For Disability Allowance, 300 pula per month is paid. Additionally, a monthly electronic food voucher worth 600 to 800 is also paid depending upon the local authority.

Source: Botswana Social Security Profile 2017