Employees and Induction

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New employees need to go through a certain process in both the private sector and government before taking up their various posts.

Just like a new student at a university goes through an induction process to acclimatise themselves, the same can happen in the workplace.

This is to help you get settled in your new job, to make sure you understand what your duties are, to get you "signed on" with the HR Department, and to make your new job flow as smoothly as possible.

The process could include:

  • Signing copies of your letter of appointment and the particulars of your employment, staff medical certificates and all other relevant certificates which have to be sent to the Human Resources Department.
  • A file should be opened by the Human Resources Department for keeping all your records.

A company or institution that does not have information on its employees fails in its practice of decent work.

The Human Resources Department should prepare an information folder for new employees which contains:

  • Conditions of Employment
  • Aims and Objectives of the Employer
  • Organisational Structure of the Employer
  • Chain of Command and reporting structure
  • Date of Employment
  • Departmental instructions
  • Other relevant, important information