Working as a Receptionist in Malawi

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By Sam Banda Jnr


Being a Receptionist is a career which attracts many young women in Malawi. 

This is an exciting job which requires that you interact with people, so having good people skills is a must!


The job involves welcoming visitors to a place of work and directing them to the relevant managers, workers or sections, receiving and registering incoming mails, typing various letters and other duties as assigned.


Mercy Kanyama Yasin is a young woman who enjoys the job of working as a Receptionist. She works for Blantyre Print and Publishing (BP&P).


She says while working as a Receptionist she has made friends with many people and that she has a good relationship with her bosses.


“Every time when you are on your desk you have to meet with different people,” says Kanyama Yasin.

What are the qualifications for one to be a Receptionist?

“It all depends, because some companies demand that you have a full Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) with a credit in English whereas others go for a good MSCE with good communication skills,” she says.


Many of the adverts which appear in the print media demand that the Receptionist have a good MSCE, good communication skills and knowledge of record keeping.


In other firms a Receptionist is supposed to have qualifications in Business Administration and shorthand.


Several schools offer courses in secretarial studies as well as customer care for Receptionists. These include technical colleges and the Mpemba Staff Development Institute.



Some Receptionists opt to work in the private sector rather than government because of the salary scale.


Kanyama says in government institutions Receptionists receive less than K30, 000 a month whereas in the private sector the salaries vary with the companies. But in government many benefit with extra training.


“In some organisations receptionists receive about K50,000 a month, and this can go up to about K100,000 a month,” she says.


In most institutions Receptionists work from 7:30pm to 5pm.


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