A career in Housekeeping

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By Sam Banda Jnr


Housekeeping is a job with duties that includes cleaning rooms, making beds, ironing bedding and general maintenance. In Malawi Housekeepers mainly work in hotels, lodges and guest houses.


For one to be a Housekeeper you generally have to undergo training, and in Malawi this is mainly done by the Malawi Institute of Tourism (MIT).


You can undergo a certificate course in Housekeeping, which some combine with catering or food and beverage studies, and it takes less than a year. According to information sourced from MIT, the requirements are that you have a Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE).


Some hotels and institutions pick Housekeepers straight from school, especially those with MSCE, and offer them on-the-job training.


Salaries vary - those housekeepers trained with MIT generally receive a good package which varies from institution to institution. The starting salary is more than K15,000 and in some institutions Housekeepers receive more than K20,000.


Reliable hotels, mostly those owned by Sunbird in Malawi, offer the best conditions for its employees. With the right qualifications some Housekeepers can rise to the position of Senior Housekeeper or Supervisor and earn a monthly pay of over K50,000 a month.


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