Work Injury Benefits

Disability / Work Injury Benefit

The legal provisions on the work injuries and relevant benefits come from the Workmen’s Compensation Act. Work injuries may be classified on the basis of their consequences as those resulting in: (i) temporary incapacity; (ii) permanent partial incapacity; (iii) permanent total incapacity and (ii) fatal injury leading to death of a worker. There is no minimum qualifying period for work injury benefits. Accidents that occur while committing to and from work are covered if the transport facility was arranged by the employer.

In the case of temporary incapacity, worker is entitled to 75% of the monthly earnings.  In the event of permanent total and partial incapacity, the benefit is paid as a lump sum amount. The amount of benefit in both cases may not exceed 267,200 maloti.

In the event of worker’s death, there is provision for survivor benefits: a fixed sum is paid. The total amount of benefit may not exceed 240,500 maloti. Eligible survivors include a widow or dependent widower; children under 18 or disabled children; and dependent siblings and parents. There is also provision for a lump sum death grant. The amount payable for burial expenses may not exceed 16,700 maloti.

Source: Workmen’s Compensation Act 1977; Workmen’s Compensation Regulations, 2014