Employment Security

Written Employment Particulars

Employment contracts are regulated under the Labour Code, which states that the contract can be written or oral for all contractual terms (definite or indefinite).

No provisions could be identified from within the law that stipulates the terms that are to be part of the employment contract, neither does the law expressly mention that the employer provide the employee with written employment particulars.

Source: §62 of the Labour Code, 1992

Fixed Term Contracts

An employment contract can be entered into for an indefinite period of time, and in such a case the employees have a right to continue working for the employer until the employment contract is terminated by one of the parties. Fixed term employment contracts and contracts for completing specific tasks may also be used, and they will terminate once the duration or task for which they were created has been completed.

No provisions could be identified from within the law, which stipulates the conditions under which fixed term contracts may be allowed, the maximum length of a single fixed term contract and the number of renewals allowed for fixed term contracts. It appears that fixed term contracts are allowed for tasks of permanent nature.

Source: §62 of the Labour Code, 1992

Probation Period

The Labour Code sets the maximum period for probation as four months. After the successful completion of probation period, the employment automatically turns into a permanent employment for an indefinite period. Trial/probation period can only be extended after obtaining express authority from the Labor Commissioner in this regard.

Employment contract may be terminated during trial period. In the case of employment termination, either party may give 07-day prior notice.

Source: §75 of the Labour Code, 1992