27 March 2020 - The Philippines is facing massive problems due to the precarious situation created by COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). Although the nation has reported fewer cases as compared to other countries in its vicinity, this could be because of a lack of testing. A spike in the numbers of speculated carriers and infected people has caused a strain on medical resources, especially medical personnel. Read more

Economic Facts

  • The Phillippine Flag is the only flag in the world that signals if the nation is in a state of war or peace. The flag is flown upside down when the nation is in conflict. In the absence of conflict, the blue stripe is put on top, while the red stripe on top symbolises battle.  Check cost of living in the Philippines!
  • Also known as the tree of life, the coconut is the root which supports the Philippines' economy. In 2018, the nation produced 1.2M tonnes of coconut oil and exported 916K tonnes. In 2013, they contributed PhP77.4 billion to the national economy. Furthermore, approximately 3 million farmers earn their livelihood by engaging in coconut cultivation. Check your salary!
  • Around 11% of the Philippine population is estimated to be working overseas, which amounts to almost 11 million people. They especially dominate the field of healthcare, with a majority of nurses around the world being of Philippine descent.  Work and Wages