Press release - Free tests to reduce gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is a costly affair. A pay gap of 5,10 % in Malta reduces the income of a women over a period of 30 years substantially. To assist women, men and their employers, two tests have been created, i.e. one for employees, one for employers. Both give a quick insight in how to reduce the gender pay gap.

The choice of industry and occupation causes the largest part of the gender pay gap. Next, it is advisable to keep one's earning capacity up to date and in good shape, making use of extra training options. Also, continuing on the job increases one’s earning capacity. Quitting the job when children are planned makes it very difficult to get back into a well-paid job some years later. In practice, women with children usually not only work less, but take fewer options for extra training and therefore have a smaller chance for a good career. The increasing gap therefore results from a combination of choices. The employee’s test highlights these career choices.

The test for employers includes more legal aspects. As an employer you would not want to be accused of gender discrimination.
  • But how to make sure that equal pay for equal work is paid?
  • How to be in line with ILO and EU regulations?
  • How to avoid sexual harassment at work?
  • How to avoid being scorned as a sexist when one of their employees is pregnant?
Thus the gender test put online by and WageIndicator helps employers to avoid costly mistakes and embarrassing situations.