Training and staff development professionals

Role Responsibilities

  • Identifying training needs and requirements of individuals and organizations
  • Setting human resource development objectives and evaluating learning outcomes
  • Preparing and developing instructional training material and aids such as handbooks, visual aids, online tutorials, demonstration models, and supporting training reference documentation
  • Designing, coordinating, scheduling and conducting training and development programs that can be delivered in the form of individual and group instruction, and facilitating workshops, meetings, demonstrations and conferences
  • Liaising with external training providers to arrange delivery of specific training and development programs
  • Promoting internal and external training and development, and evaluating these promotional activities
  • Monitoring and performing ongoing evaluation and assessment of internal and external training quality and effectiveness, and reviewing and modifying training objectives, methods and course deliverables
  • Gathering, investigating and researching background materials to gain an understanding of various subject matters and systems

    Skill level

    Highly skilled