Animal producers not elsewhere classified

Role Responsibilities

  • Monitoring market activity and conditions, determining kinds and amounts of products to produce, and planning and coordinating production accordingly
  • Raising, feeding and tending animals
  • Monitoring and examining animals to detect illness, injury or disease, and to check physical condition such as rate of weight gain
  • Performing duties related to animal reproduction, such as breeding, artificial insemination and helping with animal births
  • Renting or investing in, and maintaining and cleaning, buildings, machinery, equipment and structures
  • Slaughtering and skinning animals and preparing animal products for market
  • Storing and carrying out some processing of produce
  • Promoting and marketing products, arranging the sale, purchase and transportation of stock, produce and supplies, and maintaining and evaluating records of activities and transactions
  • Training and supervising workers in animal care procedures, maintenance duties and health and safety precautions

    Skill level